adopting from Africa

If you have ever thought about adopting from Africa I have found a great site for you to start with.

Check out Jason Kovacs’ blog as he talks about countries that are open for adoption in Africa.


3 responses to “adopting from Africa

  1. SO I have been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. I was an intern for 3 years at Sagemont Church and was present at numerous Journeys, Camps, etc and “knew” Spur 58 through association.


    Our first daughter is almost 7 months old and we have been talking about when we should have another. We have been struggling with if our next one will be via adoption or biological. I have been following your blog and the Bush’s through y’alls adoption process….There have been many times where I read your blogs and just start sobbing because I KNOW that God wants us to pursue adoption. My heart just breaks for the children that don’t have a family or know God’s love and I know that my heart is just oozing and dripping love to share with another child that I must share it.

    There are just so many questions I have, domestic or international, what age, open vs closed, how to find a good agency, can we afford it, how soon to start the process…all of course under the umbrella of the Spirit’s leading…

    How did you begin the process? How soon did you start after your first son was born (who by the way I totally remember you bringing him to San Marcos for a Sagemont camp when he was super little)

    The more I try to push it out of my mind the more I keep being presented with adoption. My husband and I are still seeking God about all this. I feel like the answer is already yes to adoption, now the question is when, who, where……..

    So I know that there was a question in there somewhere, ha…..


  2. I have lost touch with you but wanted to say Congrats to you and your hubby and the new album. I’m going to check it out. Praying for you!

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