Send someone flowers soon!

Would you like to brighten someones day? I suggest flowers! Aaron sent me flowers this week for our anniversary and I still love looking at them each day. They make me smile each time I look at them!

I have a great place for you to get flowers from if you live here in Austin:
Alpine Florist – 512.282.0994
http://www.alpinefloraltx. com

Right now they are running a special where each week they will have a special arrangement and 50% of the profits sold from those arrangements will go directly to TOTAL CITY SPORTS CAMP and FOR THE CITY NETWORK. Gotta love that!

This weeks special is a Hydragia with alternate flowers such as roses or Gerber Daisies for $45 plus delivery.

Next week the special will be 5 Gerber Daisies in a tall vase for the $45 or for $5 10 Gerber Daisies. We will be doing this every week for here on out.

So there you go. Send someone some flowers to brighten their day and help out a great organization in the process! Just call Alpine and tell them you want the special that will go towards TOTAL CITY SPORTS CAMP!


One response to “Send someone flowers soon!

  1. Thanks for sharing the information. Bouquets seems to be very nice. Enjoyed going through your article.

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