Needs for the DR

For all my friends at the STONE we have some people going to the DR and they need your help!  Some of you can’t go on mission trips, but what you can do is buy a few items this weekend on your Wal Mart run and bring them to the church on Sunday.

Here are their needs:

* Flashlights and batteries
* small hand soap dispensers for school bathrooms–preferably antibacterial (no foam soap please)
* Moisture absorbers you put into closets to prevent mold. We need these for our medical supply closet. We need 2 every 40 days.
* 5 clip boards-the kind you hold in your hand
* grapefruit seed extract
* boxes of pens and pencils for the school
* hand held pencil sharpeners
* ink cartridges for the printer at the house – we have an hp psc 1315 all in one printer, scanner, copier. we need color and black cartridges. Color- HP Tri-color print cartridge 8 ml # 28 Black-HP Black print cartridge 19 ml #56
* roles of masking tape and duct tape
* ticky-tac the stuff teachers use for sticking posters to the wall
* scotch tape dispensers and extra roles
* bug spray

* hand sanitizer

* kids flavored toothpaste (just kids flavors…we have enough travel size toothpaste to teach dental hygiene to the entire country)
* tacs –for a bulletin board
* paper clips
* white printer paper
* construction paper (all colors)
* card stock (all colors)
* roach hotels–those things you put out that roaches crawl through and then kill the whole family
* khaki pants-ONLY toddler sizes and a little smaller (for skinny kids ages 3-6)
* tennis shoes-ONLY toddler sizes(for skinny kids ages 3-6)
* underwear-ONLY toddler sizes(for skinny kids ages 3-6)
* bulletin board decorations-ONLY spanish. Stuff for a bulletin board that will be used to do seasonal displays, holiday, special anouncements.
*small storage bins (shoe box size and larger)
* storage boxes for pencils, pens, glue, and scissors (the small ones, so we can put one on a table for kids to share from)
*cotton balls (for art)
* paint(for art)
*q-tips(for art)
*popsicle sticks(for art)
*anything “crafty”

This trip is going to the Dominican Republic July 3rd – July 11 and could use all the donations you could bring!  If you can bring them Sunday and put them in bag for Shanna Wright and leave them at the KidStuff sign in table.  If this doesn’t work for you email me and I’ll connect you with someone to help you out!


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