2 things that made my day today.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make my day! Isn’t that fun when you don’t need a lot to make you super happy!

Tonight at the sports camp a man asked me what sports I played in high school. I told him I played basketball and ran track. I asked him why he asked and he said …. here it comes … this is what made my day …. hold on to your seats …. he said ….. “I HAD THE LOOK OF AN ATHLETE!” ….. yes you read that right. this 31 year old, out of shape mom looks like an athlete! Oh I had a little more pep in my step for th rest of the night!

The second thing that made my night was an email from our adoption coordinator telling me that Story’s passport has been made and it will be printed next week. Oh my word this is exciting! I hope to hear next week that indeed it was printed. You just never know!  I’m trying not to get too excited until I hear it is in hand!

I went back and checked out other blogs and how long it was from passport printing to Visa appointments and then to home.

This family got passports and then had visa appt about a month later.  This family got out of MOI and about a month later had visa appt.  This family got passports and then almost four months later had visa appt.  This family got passports and then two months later had visa appointment.  So as you can see it varies from a month to four months from when you can expect to have your child home from passports being issued.  Dear Lord I pray ours leans toward the month side!

So those are the two things that I heard today that made my day!  What made your day today?

May 25 2009 b 006


9 responses to “2 things that made my day today.

  1. Congrats on Story being out of MOI!!! Continuing to pray for Amos & God’s favor throughout the rest of your adoption.

    What made my day? Sear’s had the Land’s End shoes in my style & size & they were on sale! Online was sold out. Target had cheap gaucho pants. I’m not a big shopper, but these are things I need for my trip to Rwanda this summer.

  2. Gosh I don’t know if you remember me or not. We were waiting domestically with BCS when we first started adoption!! Maria and Kevin. You adopted and I got to follow that first one. Imagine my surprise when I “found” you again through Brea Freeman post on FB. I’m so glad to see that Aaron is doing well. We have a blog now too — introvertedextrovert.blogspot.com. We just finished our adoption (FINALLY) of a little girl from Kyrgyzstan. She is 14 months old now. I was thinking of you recently and wishing I knew how to contact you again. What a great thing to find your blog!!

  3. Hi Jamie, I am Emily Ward’s friend from Iowa…we just came home with our son Esias from Ethiopia after a long wait. Just wanted to tell you that we’re lifting you up tonight and I know that it is so tough to not be able to tuck your children in bed at night! I hope you have peace and that your kids are home with you soon! God if faithful! It was hard for me to believe His timing was PERFECT, but indeed it was and IS.

    Shadley and Dan Grimes
    (ps- just bought your husband’s album on iTunes!)

  4. This is so exciting!

  5. You don’t know me but i read your blog often. Just wanted to say congratulations on Story (LOVE that name by the way) I can’t wait to read that you are going to pick her up! Still praying for Amos!

  6. Praying that sweet face is home in the one month time frame. Also praying that Amos is not far behind!

  7. A passport!! Oh, it’s getting so close. SO CLOSE!!

    And by the way, when Mark came home from Haiti and I was all “What were the Ivey’s like???” – one of the ways he described you was “athletic”. Hee hee.

  8. That is so exciting! We are praying that your Amos’ paperwork will be right there with Story’s ASAP.

  9. I think it is very funny how little things like what that guy said can give us such a boost. The other day a guy stopped by who wanted to meet us and reads our blog. He was sort of … uh … how to say this — sort of complimentary to me – so much that Paige said “that guy liked you” — so we teased Troy mercilessly — but it was a nice compliment even though I did not need his kind words.

    We’ve still got it Jamie. That’s all there is to it. Aaron and Troy are lucky, lucky men. 😉

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