random tid bits from the week …

Each day I have gotten in bed only to realize that I never wrote anything on the blog.  I have wanted to get back to writing more, but at the end of the day it’s just not happening.  I’ve been super busy this week and very tired at the end of each day.  So instead of many blogs, here are some random things going through my head:

  1. Monday, Aaron and I celebrated our EIGHTH anniversary.  Yes we have been married for 8 years and they have honestly been very fabulous.  I am more in love with this man than I was the day we were married.  I grow more in love with him each year that goes by.  He is truly my best friend and my lover.  I am still amazed that I am allowed to spend the rest of my life with such a great guy!
  2. Speaking of such a great guy – his new album BETWEEN THE BEAUTY AND CHAOS was released on the 23rd and today it hit #1 on itunes Christian music and #79 overall!  So, if you haven’t heard it please go to http://www.aaronivey.com to listen to a few songs and then go and get yours!
  3. I took the kids to the movies today and a small popcorn and small drink was $10.25.  Did you read that?  YES TEN DOLLARS.  Never again!
  4. I had a flat tire and it was right around lunch and so while they were fixing it we walked to Taco Bell and the three of us ate for $4.08.  Yes a whole meal!
  5. I haven’t heard anything new on adoption stuff.  I know that Story needs new passport photos and I’m not sure when she’s going to get those.  Still praying for Amos’ file to move this week.
  6. Cayden is making me close my eyes when we kiss.  He also wants to hold my hand while we kiss.  And sometimes he insists that we hold it there for a few seconds.  Weird or sweet?  I think he just LOVES his momma!  He says he saw someone do this on Wall-E.  🙂
  7. I’m so behind in the news …. I didn’t even know a governor was missing this week!
  8. I hear BIG BROTHER is coming back on in July! I love that show!
  9. Total City Sports Camp is going great and making me very tired at night!  Love it!
  10. Tomorrow is my annual “girl-doctor” visit.  I hate these!
  11. My kids have slept until 9 every day this week!  Oh my I love that!  Hopefully they’ll do that next week when I have no where to be in the morning!
  12. Aaron sent me the most beautiful flowers on Monday.  They are still beautiful!

I hope that your week is going well!

4 responses to “random tid bits from the week …

  1. Too bad they don’t have movies at Taco Bell.

  2. My husband and I love Big Brother too!! Anyways, congrats on the anniversary 🙂 Praying for Amos to get out of MOI soon.

  3. 2. We saw the news on Twitter this morning and are so excited for y’all!

    3. Yuck! I’m enjoying our military rate over here while we have that benefit. That’s definitely one thing that will frustrate me when we move back!

    6. Weird and sweet (I just realized my husband and I comment on blogs similarly. Though his comment doesn’t show up yet, he just told me what he wrote. Sorry for the redundancy!)

    7. What my husband said…

    10. Eh, I have to make one of those appts. It’s been on my “to do” list for about a month now. Thanks for the reminder. (I’m not being sarcastic…just clarifying!)

    11. Again, what my husband said! If only our dog would sleep that long….ahhh. At least this week he’s stopped whining by our bedside at 4 AM for no apparent reason.

    12. That’s so sweet! Don’t you just love getting flowers?

    Me and my family watch it all the time! Wow, it has been a long break hasnt it!

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