new shoes.

This summer I have added two new pair of shoes to my shoe collection and actually they are the ONLY shoes I’ve worn since the beginning of May!  I love them so much that I want to tell you how much I love them!

I will NEVER buy another pair of $5 flip flops again in my life.  NEVER.  For my birthday my mom bought me a pair of Choco flip flops and my feet have thanked me each day that I’ve worn them.  I already struggle with a bad back and have been told before that I need better flip flops and so now I have them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!


The next pair of new favorite shoes are TOM’S!  Oh my word do I love these shoes.  I have been wanting some forever and just didn’t want to spend the money.  A sweet friend of mine gave me some for my birthday and I’m in love.  I wear them all the time!!


What are your favorite summer shoes?


10 responses to “new shoes.

  1. Have you seen that they have Toms for kids? I almost ordered some the other day but decided to wait til summer’s over.

  2. Totally jealous that you have been wearing flip flops already. I briefly got to wear my favorite pair of flip flops of all time, until it SNOWED this weekend. Yes, snow. UGH! My favorite pair of flip flops are bright and sunny. They are a pair of Paul Green and they fit my feet like a glove. I love how they feel….and look. Now if only we get flip flop weather.

  3. I was ‘feeling’ ya about the flip flops until I checked out the website and the price. It’s sad when it would be cheaper (I have medical coverage) for me to have my feet amputated than to buy a pair of shoes. For now…I will just have to take your word for the comfort. Blessings!

    • Melissa I know the price is high BUT it is so worth it to have shoes that feel great and are not bad on your body. I can wear these for hours and no pain! Love them. Also I got them at REI and they have a fabulous return/exhange program. And by the time my $5 filp flops went out I would by 10 of those before these went out …. it equals the price.

      This is how I justify it!!! 🙂

      • The “hours and no pain” comment got me a little closer to plunging and knowing REI sells them. Hmmmm….maybe I can ‘borrow’ some from the kids piggy banks…college is so far away anyways and who doesn’t want a happy mommy! 🙂
        I would love to try some….actually buying them in person and not online helps alot.
        Thanks for all the info!
        Praying for you and ALL your kiddos! Just ‘a little more time’ I feel is the message for you in regards to your kids in Haiti’s. I know it may seem vague but it is to be encouraging and uplifting. Be blessed with Joy this day.

  4. Well, here is the thing:) If you have worn your Tom’s for any length of time, than you will figure out the sole on the Tom’s is a close relative to a $5.00 pair of flip/flops….but, we consumers pay way too much for Tom’s. I know, I did!!! I love the idea that they donate a pair of shoes, but, honestly, they are pretty poorly made, okay, just my opinion…..I also have discovered that Tom’s does “shoe drops” …so, I investigate where Tom’s are made…low and behold, one of the countries they are made in is a country close to my family’s heart, China. We have adopted three daughters from China. The shoes are made in China, yet, not sold within China….they also have never even done a shoe drop in China….lots of orphans in China could sure use shoes….so, I’m kind of venting here, but, honestly, I do own a pair of Tom’s and if you have a bad back… might wanta wear your Tom’s all day and see if they don’t kinda remind you of your $5.00 flip flops:) Just my opinion !!!

  5. Hammond Haven

    I always love to check your blog and see what’s going on with you and your family. My family will be visiting my brother in Austin over father’s day weekend and I’m hoping to head to the Austin Stone. Maybe we will see you there!

  6. I fully plan to investigate and try out those super cute flip flops. I have been wearing the Reef brand of flip flops, which you can buy at Dillards (and numerous mountain stores) for around $30 a pair. They too have done wonders for my back pain. They are very supportive and super cute!! I LIVE in them!

  7. I wear my Keens that I bought for a mission trip to China. On most trips now they are the only thing I pack.

    AND my TOMS that my kids gave me for Christmas. LOVE THEM! And I love telling the story of TOMS.

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