Time Traveler’s Wife : East of Eden

Just finished THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE last night. Many, many ugly tears were cried in the van at 1 in the morning last night while driving to MO. I just found online that there is a movie from this book releasing this August. That makes me happy that I have read the book first. Apparently you can read the whole book here.

*Edited to add:  I must give you all the same warning that was given to me when I was given this book … there are some racy scenes in the book between the husband and wife, but just get through them, skip over them, whatever you have to do to get to the end.  🙂

Today I am still trying to read a bit of THE STRONG WILLED CHILD and tonight will start EAST OF EDEN by John Steinbeck, which Aaron promises is the best book he’s ever read. Which I’m not so sure b/c he doesn’t read much fiction, but I’ll take his word for it and dive into it tonight

Have you read any of these three?


16 responses to “Time Traveler’s Wife : East of Eden

  1. Oooooooo! East of Eden IS soooooo good. I totally agree with Aaron.

  2. the one i’ve read was strong willed child… which i was not a fan of at all.

    when he gave examples like the child ignoring bath time until mom got serious when she got mad, i felt like locking him in a room with my kiddo and the goal of getting her to take a bath so he could see what true “strong willed” was.

    parenting isnt for cowards was a lot better to me.

  3. I really liked The Time Traveler’s Wife, but haven’t read either of the others.

  4. I loved the Time Traveller’s Wife!! Wasn’t it so good? We read it for my book club and when I heard it was about time travel, I almost didn’t read it. I’m not a fan of fantasy but that book was astounding. We all loved it. I hadn’t heard about the movie. Can’t wait to see that one.

    How funny – Mark’s favorite book of all time is East of Eden and he rarely reads fiction, too. I liked it as well.

    Strong Willed Child – so good. Although for my own strong willed kid(s) I loved Parenting with Love and Logic the best.

    My book club just read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and we all really liked it. It is a contemporary novel but includes a lot of historical context about the Dominican Republic and Trujillo’s reign. It was heavy but really good.

  5. I’ve read The Strong Willed Child and it had some really good points….it made me feel like I was not the only mother out there with a VERY strong willed child 🙂

  6. east of eden is a great book…not lighthearted by any stretch but a beautiful story. i actually finished it in the part of california that the book is set in coincidentally so that was kind of fun. i’ll definitely re-read it someday (which means it has enough layers that more goodness could be gleaned by a second look in my opinion).

    i read strong willed child years ago and it was good.

    i have never heard of the time traveler’s wife. what is the story?

  7. East of Eden – Top three of all time.

  8. east of eden is my favorite book of all time too. you will love it.

  9. i too loved the strong willed child, it made me feel better to know that i am not alone! i am planning to read parenting with love and logic this summer – it was on the suggested reading list from our adoption agency so i am expecting a good read!

  10. tiffany Schwedland

    need to read strong willed child but have not…i think i may read east of eden. i have it and havent started it..bw that and starting the foundation series from asmilov…?? big decisions. =)

  11. I read The Time Traveler’s Wife when it came out and loved it. I’m really excited about the movie!

  12. East of Eden is amazing! I would rate it in the best I’ve ever read, and I DO read lots of fiction. I haven’t read The Time Traveller’s Wife, but on your recommendation I think it will be next on my list.

  13. Haven’t read the others, but “Strong Willed Child” did not sit well with me. The suggestions in it actually made things worse between my daughter and myself, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s not about “winning and losing” the battle, it’s about really listening to our kiddos. Strong-willed or not. Do read it though and let us know what you think. I’m very curious to see what you think! 🙂

  14. one of my students read The Time Traveler’s Wife this year for her contemporary fiction project. it sounded incredibly intriguing. had i not just spent almost sixty bucks i would have gone to borders/amazon that night to buy my own copy. HOWEVER. if i can read it straight off the internets then, well, we have no problem anymore, do we? 🙂
    thanks for the post centered on literature. i love me some good reads.

    ps – i’m reading everything is illuminated by jonathan safran foer right now & i have to say…i’m pretty impressed.

  15. OH – & i noticed your column on books you are reading/have read to your kids. have you heard of Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli? SO good.

  16. East of Eden is my favorite fiction book I’ve read. Such a great and fulfilling story. I was a little embarrassed about reading Time Traveler’s Wife, but I thought it was great too, I tried to convince my friends it was “literature” and not a romance novel though

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