Cayden lost a tooth!

Look who lost their first tooth today!

Photo 110

Does your family do the tooth fairy?  If so, what do you do?  This is our first time!


10 responses to “Cayden lost a tooth!

  1. YAY!!! Our tooth fairy leaves gold dollars… 5 for the first tooth and 3 for each additional tooth. I have heard of some houses who have the kids leave their tooth in a glass of water on the kitchen counter before bed. The tooth fairy comes, takes the tooth, leaves money under the glass and magically (with food coloring) turns the water a different color. It’s fun for the kids to guess what color the water will be. It was too late to start that tradition at our house but I think it’s a great idea!

  2. Very fun. We are done with the tooth fairy now but when we did have visits from her, she was pretty boring … put the tooth under the pillow and we left $5. I like the glass of water idea that Renee has though. That’s fun.

    We successfully managed to keep him believing until he was 13 yrs old.

  3. sometimes the tooth fairy leaves a loonie or a toonie..sometimes she leaves a small gift..we leave her letters depending on mood LOL. we also ask that she leave the tooth because our 6yo wants to keep them?! haha.

  4. I am sooooo thankfully we started small with our first child (had three at the time, and knew we’d always have more). A small Dollar Store type toy for the first tooth, then a quarter for everyone thereafter.

    I have five kids losing teeth all at the same time. My older kids still insist on the “tooth fairy” leaving the money under their pillow. Is it pitiful that I get annoyed and say, “Really? Can I not just give you the quarter right now?”

  5. My family did the tooth fairy when we were growing up…..we received quarters then and the money was left under our pillow! How the TF did that without us waking up, I’ll never know!!! Man, times have change….wow!

  6. we do just 1 dollar bill…
    and have perfected the art of palming it and dropping it discretely for her to find it while helping her search among the stuffed animals when the tooth fairy forgot after kiddo went to bed.
    except the time last summer she lost it in the 3 foot deep pool and wanted me to find it…. which i somehow did. that time tooth fairy left her a snorkle set.

  7. my parents used to put a scorpion under the pillow when i lost a tooth. it was so fun. we should do that.

  8. we don’t do the tooth fairy…but we also don’t do santa claus…so don’t mind us!

    i give the kids a few quarters most of the time. although…i like aaron’s suggestion of scorpions! 🙂 a few times we have been with relatives when they lost teeth and they “sold” the tooth to grandma/grandpa…they pay better!!

    cayden looks so cute! i love this stage of childhood.

  9. Yes…we do the whole TF thing. What’s funny is I never had to tell my kids about it, they heard it from other kids. So when they asked I said, do you beleive in the tooth fairy the answer was usually yes. So I never had to actually lie to them about it. I would put a dollar under their pillow. NO tooth is worth 5 bucks! Good heavens! 🙂 But choose wisely because as they get older they will try and trick you. They will hide it in secret places but funny how Mommy’s can find those secret places especially of those who tell of their secret places to their siblings and they tell it quite loudly! ah good times.

  10. Well, my tooth would get shoved under my pillow and I got a nickle for a clean tooth and a penny for an unclean tooth.

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