almost out of MOI

For about a month now we’ve been hearing that Story might be getting close to getting out of MOI or already out.  This is such great news and such bad news.  Great news b/c once you get out you are literally about 2 big steps away from coming home.  Bad news because we have heard nothing on our sweet Amos.

The idea of them coming home at different times has come up numerous times during this whole process.  It is not something that we want at all, but something that we would accept greatly too.  Any kid that can come home is celebrated.  We have always wanted it to be Amos first.  Not b/c we love him any more, but b/c he is much more aware of what is going on then Story is.  He is almost four.  She is 18 months old.  He knows us.  She doesn’t.  He is sad when we leave each time, she could care less.  The age of them is making it much more difficult.

I want BOTH OF MY CHILDREN HOME TODAY.  I WANT THEM BOTH OUT OF MOI TODAY!   Yes I’m screaming b/c that’s what i want to scream all the way to Haiti each night.  🙂  I am hopeful that this will happen soon, and am looking forward to the day they both arrive home to Austin!


About 10 days ago we heard that Story was indeed out but they hadn’t seen it on paper yet.  So, we waited over the weekend in hopes that it really did happen.  We told a few people but for sure weren’t celebrating until we knew for sure.  We finally head this week that she did not get out of MOI.  I handled this quite well.  Yes I was dissapointed, but I am getting better at this trust thing.  I am trusting God’s plan and his timing.  I wish it was my timing, but it’s not and I’m accepting that HIS TIMING IS BEST.  That phrase is easy to tell other people, but hard to tell yourself!

So, I read this morning on this blog that indeed no files were signed out of MOI this week so just maybe we’re up to bat next week.  I feel as though we’ve been in the on deck circle way too long.

Praying next week is our week!

April  12 2009 a 017


6 responses to “almost out of MOI

  1. I so hope and pray that this is indeed your week to get both your kids out of MOI.

    We just had one of our sweet Haitian boys have a screaming fit for about 45 minutes straight. I can’t wait until your kids are home and filling your house with the blessed sounds of laughter and…….the screaming too. 😉 It will happen. Just keep the faith!

  2. there are many adopting from our O too that are praying this next week is the week MOI gets their behinds in gear…. and gets those files out of there!!!!

    It is time they cleared off their desks and sent some files on to USCIS!!!!!!

    I sure hope Amos’ is one of them…. I love the pictures.

  3. Praying for this!!!!

  4. Praying… always praying…. sending much love your way!

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