Jon & Kate plus 8 on the rocks …

A few years ago I gave up buying those magazines that you see in the check out line at the grocery store. I mean why do I need to spend $3.99 on a magazine about people I don’t even know! Seriously! It is a waste of money.

BUT today I had to break down and buy it b/c I didn’t have enough time to read the article right there in the store. I’ve been seeing coverage all over the “trashy” magazines about Jon & Kate having marriage problems and refused to believe it …. BUT today I saw her pic on People Magazine and the title is WE MIGHT SPLIT UP


I hate to see people split up and this makes me sad.  Your thoughts?  Aaron says it’s b/c they have 8 kids.  He’s stupid.


16 responses to “Jon & Kate plus 8 on the rocks …

  1. Supposedly that is going to be address in Mondays season premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8.

  2. Chrystal Gafford


  3. i think it’s because she constantly disrespects him…and he didn’t want to continue doing the show but she is CLEARLY loving the fame of it all…

  4. I have also been buying these magazines because I’m a follower of the show and bought these mags just to read about the lies and crap that people would say about these nice people…. BUT like the other Jamie, I’m so shocked to see this title. 😦 Chrystal and I went to a Proverbs 31 ministries event with Kate Gosselin as the speaker and really loved her heart. I’m sad and hoping it’s all not true.

  5. not that I am pro-divorce, but everytime I watch that show (which is sporadic), I think to myself, “man, this is a education on how NOT to treat your husband!”

  6. it might be interesting to see how quickly their value of each other would drastically go up after dealing with 8 kids on their own for about a week or so.

  7. Oh gosh this makes me so sad. I used to love watching the show but then it got to the point where it stressed me out to see how she treated him. And of course it isn’t all one sided….I just feel so bad for those kids. It isn’t fair to them to their parents marrital problems are so public.

  8. I have only watched a few episodes because the show makes me disgusted and sad. Disgusted to watch the aforementioned disrespect and sad to think of their children having to live under such unfair constant scrutiny – what kind of normal life is that??

    Really, it makes me very, very sad because a supposedly Christian marriage is falling apart for all the world to see. It make me very, very sad that she would go to a secular, People magazine for an interview to share personal details of their life that should only be worked on between them and their pastor/counselor.

    But most of all, it make me very, very sad for the Lord’s name which will be downtrodden because of this.

  9. I have a few thoughts on this…
    A – she disrespects her husband in a horrible way by the way she talks to him. It makes me sick!
    B – I am appalled that she sat down with People and discussed her marital problems. I read the article last night and was amazed that she would broadcast her marital issues to the public. Its one thing for the paparazzi to get photos of Jon, he isn’t posing for them willingly. Yes, they do have a public life – but you hear of “celebrities” getting divorces all the time but you rarely hear them giving interviews about it. She has basically put a nail in the coffin by giving that interview.
    C – Jon wants to stop doing the show – but she doesn’t – she is choosing the show over her marriage. She says its for the children – save your marriage for the children!! I am sure they would rather have their parents together than have free vacations all the time.

    I really had hope for them too – when I watched the show in the beginning they talked about their faith, showed them attending church, saw scripture throughout the home, etc. The love of $ has gotten to them I’m afraid…

    Off my soapbox now… 🙂

  10. my opinion is that there are only two things they should be saying to the media/the public/tv viewers right now: either A) “I’m sorry” or B) “No comment”
    Anything else needs to stay between them for their own sake and the sake of their family. I like what Stephanie said about being grieved at the Lord’s name being downtrodden. Let’s pray for them.

  11. All I have to say is yes, Aaron is stupid.

  12. I have found that I like table for 12 much better. I just like the way the Hayes interact with each other and with their kids.

  13. I think the minute they were showing signs of problems they should have said NO to the TV show and started working on their marriage … The money, the trips, the surgeries, the spotlight, the books, and more has changed them … I don’t think you should allow anything to come between you and your honey … Even if they had to give all the money back for quiting the show it would be worth it !!!

  14. I love this show and am very sad to see/hear about their problems. I agree it shouldn’t be in the public’s view, but…

    Everyone talks about how she disrespects him…anyone that is married knows that sometimes you have to grab ahold of your man and pull him once in a while. I bet that if Kate didn’t “pull” Jon, he would be a bump on a log. Kate is a VERY organized person – thank goodness with 8 kids – and I believed Jon is the exact opposite, so if it wasn’t for Kate, it’d be more like an episode of the OctoMom and her family!

    ~Amy in WI

  15. I bought this magazine too. I feel bad for them both. It seems that reality TV does this to a lot of couples. Or then there is the other perspective- I bet that they have higher ratings this season than ever. People love the drama!

  16. Marriage is difficult, and when two humans are thrust into startdom and fame and money the temptations grow even greater. Instead of talking about how she is wrong or he is wrong (they are human and they sin) or whatever, pray for them. Pray they would reach out to their Father and ask for his guidance and healing and strengthening. I hope and pray the church they attend will surround them with love and wise Godly counsel…for their sake, for their childrens sake, and the sake of those who don’t know the Lord who watch their show.
    Pray for them!

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