Cooking this weekend

We had guests this weekend and that means I brought out some new recipes for them!!! Here’s what we had and how we liked it:

1. WHOLE WHEAT SHELLS W/ ASPARAGUS, PEAS, FETA AND MINT – I got this recipe out of the April issue of our Vegetarian Times magazine. It was super easy and we’ve eaten on it a few times since then. I didn’t have enough mint or basil (this usually happens when I cook) so it could have used some more, but still was wonderful.  I also didn’t use the green onions b/c frankly I just don’t like green onions!  The feta made it fabulous!  Super duper easy!

2.  SWEET POTATO SALAD WITH APPLE AND AVOCADO –  I love all the ingredients in here, but can’t imagine them in one dish …. it was fabulous!  Wonderful!  Everyone loved it.  Super easy too and went great over a bed of spinach leaves as a salad.  I highly recommend.  Of course I didn’t put pumpkin seeds because I couldn’t find any, but i know that would have made it even better!  I also go this out of my Vegetarian Times magazine.

3.  MONKEY BREAD – my mom used to make monkey bread when i was younger and I’ve been wanting to make it for a while now.  There is absolutely NOTHING healthy about this breakfast item, but it’s fun when you have company in town or for a special occasion.  I got this recipe from The Pioneer Woman blog.  I was slightly dissappointed b/c mine turned out NOTHING like hers and looked NOTHING like hers.  Something went wrong.  I know how easy this is and how good it is, and was bummed that mine didn’t turn out like that.  I’m pretty certain it was an error on my part and I just might try it out again before I give Maris her bundt pan back.  I didn’t use cinnamon in mine b/c I was out.  I told you there is always something I’m having to leave out of my recipes!!!

So there you have it.  The three new recipes I tried out this weekend.  Tonight it’s mexican lasagna!


2 responses to “Cooking this weekend

  1. I’m American and married to a Haitian so I browse these blogs with great interest. Do consider adding a cookbook titled “A Taste of Haiti” by Mirta Yurnet-Thomas to your cookbook collection. It’s a great way to give your little ones a taste of home — for now you can practice the recipes. It also gives great cultural insight into Haitian food. May God smile on you for opening your hearts to Haiti’s children! And Godspeed Amos and Story into your arms!

  2. So yummy! Thanks for sharing. I LOOOOVE monkey bread, and I always need new recipes.

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