sleeping naked.

One night Aaron and I were laying in bed about to go to sleep. He was facing his way and I was facing mine. Don’t worry we weren’t fighting we had already cuddled and had now gone our seperate ways to get some good sleep in.

He said to me …. “remember when we used to sleep naked?”
I chuckled and said … “yeah I remember”

He then asked ….. “and why don’t we do that anymore?”

I then said … “um maybe because every night a kid ends up in our bed!”

Oh those were the days!


9 responses to “sleeping naked.

  1. too funny!!! I know what you mean… you made me laugh…

  2. LOL … you mean you eventually get to a point where you can’t? Not there yet – babies still in cribs…but I suppose its approaching quickly haha

  3. hahahaha!!! i hear ya sista.

  4. Talk about a blog title to get your attention! This was too funny, and it’s also why you put locks on your bedroom door. šŸ˜€

  5. We have had the exact same conversation very recently!! Thanks for the laugh.

  6. You made me laugh. I so can agree and relate!

  7. Too funny. We have had that conversation recently too. Ahh the good ole days…however sleeping naked is probably what produced the children. Hmmmm?

  8. I have friends who still do…with the kids…not quite sure about that. šŸ™‚

    I really miss our bed being “our place”, but the kids get such a strong start to the day from having a big family cuddle in the morning. On one hand I want to kick them out and close the door, but I also love the big snuggle. Maybe we can find a middle ground and make weekends “mommy and daddy snuggle time”…clothing optional?

  9. The kids being in bed is like only part of it. What about itchy chest hair and mansweat touching you?? Finally I had enough!! lol

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