Please pray for our files today.


9 responses to “Thursday.

  1. Absolutely. Can’t wait for your kids to be home.

  2. There are some meetings going down today in Panama for our adoption that we will be praying for. I’ll remember to pray for your two cuties right along with mine. 🙂

  3. praying… praying… praying….

    those kids are so precious!

  4. Hey Jamie,
    I know that you are asking us to pray for your kiddos, and surely I will, but I feel like the Lord has laid it on my heart to say something else to you. I may be wrong and way off base, but I’m just being obedient! Hope I don’t offend!

    I just wanted to make sure you don’t doubt what God can do for YOU!! I know that you know God is powerful and that nothing is impossible though HIm, but do you beleive that for YOU? God wants to give you the desires of your heart, and I know that you know, these kids are coming, but you want them NOW!!! And I don’t blame you, I’m a mother too. I have never adopted, and only had to wait nine months to meet my little ones, so I can’t say I understand how you feel. But I want to encourage you to never doubt what God can do. Just Beleive it is! I also want to leave you with this passage (Matthew 17:14-22). I would read it in as many translations as you can. It was powerful for me in NLT.

    Like I said, I may be way off base with that, but I just felt like it was necesary.

  5. Praying. I would like them home before July because I want to see them when I come see you in July if you are going to be there…I am missing you guys so much!

  6. Ever since we have moved to Austin and you mentioned coming down the escalator with them I have painted that picture in my mind when I pray for you guys. I will be there crying and screaming and jumping. I will carefully take pictures that do not show your crazy cry face. We will end up traumatizing your kids(in a good way) because we will all be so thrilled to finally see them. I love you Jamie and will not stop praying until you are holed up in your sweet little house with all four of your kiddos. xoxo

  7. Just lifted you all. Pray for you daily. Knowing God’s got this.

  8. nancymattingly

    I cannot tell you how many times I prayed for these two precious children today – for their journey to be finalized, and for them to be HOME with you!!! finally. Thursdays are Ivey days till they are home with you! To God be the glory, great things He has done! sure love you guys. n.

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