lots of grandkids ….

THIS is one of the many reasons I want lots of kids.  I hope that one day Aaron and I are surrounded by our children and their  children in one gigantic big family photo!


3 responses to “lots of grandkids ….

  1. Love the picture!! Having 5 kids Nate and I figure that we could have a boatload of grand kids someday!! How fun!!!

  2. I’m one of 13 kids, and at my parents’ 50th anniversary in April, we had 62 in our family photo…and that doesn’t count the one on the way (or the 3 who couldn’t make the party). I think the photographer earned his keep with us 🙂

  3. Love that family! I have known Liz since elementary school and we were roommates in college. I met Robbie, in high school, when he and Liz started dating. So fun! 🙂

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