wood family

We have some fabulous friends from TN that are in the beginning stages of a domestic adoption.  I can not wait for them to be parents and know that they will be rocking, wonderful parents to whatever child(ren) God brings them!

If you’ve been through a domestic adoption will you stop by and show them some love.  Leave a comment or send an email or just read and pray for them as you think of them!  They will be so encouraged by your love and support.  I remember the early days of adoption and how scary and weird the “unknown” felt to me.  It is something that you can’t even imagine unless you’ve been through some sort of adoption.  So, all you adoptive parent friends of mine that read this …. go now and encourage!

They are also selling some rocking cool shirts to help fund some of their costs.  I’ve ordered mine so now go and get one for you and your loved ones too!!!

THE WOOD PILE – that’s their site …. go now!


2 responses to “wood family

  1. I just tried to post on your friends blog, but it would not go through. Tell them that we probably went to the same orientation meeting at Bethany and that we just got on the waiting list and I would love to keep in touch!

  2. hey laura, not sure why your comment didn’t go through but we would love to keep in touch! maybe try again?

    and jamie, thank you for linking to us and for your order! we appreciate your support and encouragement so much.

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