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Isn’t it funny how you have friends all over America that you’ve never met but you’re certain if you did meet you would be friends in “real” life and not just “blog/fb” life!  One of those for me is Kristen Howerton and I’m certain we would be friends in real life if we ever met!  I recently met her husband in Haiti so I feel like we’ve kinda met!

They have four kids and only two are home with them now …. one’s in Haiti waiting for the adoption to be done and one’s in Kristen’s belly waiting to come out (tomorrow I think!).  She’s been hilarious to read during her pregnancy and I expect nothing less in the days after the baby comes out!

Today I was getting caught up on blogs and of course hers made me laugh.  Go visit THE HOWERTON FAMILY BLOG and get your laugh on this morning too.  She is funny, sarcastic and views life differently than most American’s and for that I’m thankful.


One response to “visit Kristen’s blog

  1. Awww, I’m just now seeing this. I KNOW we would be friends in real life, too! 🙂

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