Friday night dinner

Tonight we’re having a few people over for dinner. Aaron has a buddy in town tonight and they have their Pints and Brew night later but before that we’re having dinner for a few of us.  Tonight is baked potato night!  Yummy!  I found this today on Pioneer Woman’s blog and we’ll also be having creamed spinach with our potato’s!!!  Oh my goodness I can almost taste the goodness!

We’re also having BUTTERFINGER PIE for dessert.  The boys made this today, with very minimal help from me!  We bought lots of butterfinger bars and put them in plastic bags.  Then I gave the boys a measuring cup and let them beat the crap out of them until they were all crushed up.  Then we poured that into a bowl and added one bowl of whip cream.  Oh my word!  Mix all that up and add to a graham cracker pie crust (i got chocolate this time!) then put in freezer and in a few hours …. pure goodness!

Right now we’re off to the special olympics down the street from us.  Happy Friday night to you!


2 responses to “Friday night dinner

  1. Oh, yum! All of PW’s recipes are wonderful… Sounds like a you had a wonderful Friday night! :o)

  2. We tried the creamed spinach last night — so good!! I can’t wait to have the leftovers cold with dinner tonight 🙂

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