reading a book AGAIN

I have only been two places today and at both places struck up a conversation with the woman next to me through my book. It is an instant bond between two people if they have read or are reading the same book!

At the park with the kids the lady commented on my BREAKING DAWN book and told me that she had read the whole series three times! WHAT?!! Yes, you read that right. THREE times she’s read these books.

Then at the plasma place the girl sitting next to me was reading TWILIGHT and I told her I was on book #4 and started to go into telling her how I had put off reading them, but everyone talked about them and so I caved. I was about to tell her my favorite book so far when she interrupted to tell me this will be her second time to read them. She was starting over.

Here’s the deal. I DO NOT GET THAT. Why would you read a book twice or even three times? With all the good books in the world why read stuff twice? I know TONS of people that do that and it is so confusing to me. Can you fill me in? If you read books more than once, tell me why!!!!

13 responses to “reading a book AGAIN

  1. I do this!! But I usually do it AT LEAST a year after i read it (usually several years after). I read a lot, so i often forget the details of a book. I just recently read “There is no me without you” for the second time, before I leave for Ethiopia. I had read it about 2 years prior, and am glad I re-read it because there were a lot of details about ethiopia, HIV, and adoption that I had forgotten, that I was glad to read again before I went to Ethiopia, and particularly before I visited AHOPE, the orphanage for kids who are HIV+.

  2. Why do people buy DVD’s?? I don’t understand that much myself. My husband and I own a few, but they are our absolute faves that we will watch again and again. But books are so much more descriptive and engaging than movies, you can really get absorbed into the story. For me, it is getting lost in the world of that book. I have read the Twilight series twice and will definitely read it again because I love the story. I would imagine its about the same for those that watch movies more than once, but I just don’t feel it. I’ve also read and re-read the Harry Potter series and my favorite British mystery series (Agatha Christie books) because they are just that good to me. They are worth re-visiting. One thing for me is that I want to read the book before I see the movie and so sometimes I re-read for that reason (so I can remember what has happened).
    Sorry that was so long! I love to read, so thought I needed to contribute!

  3. Haha! I read books twice because i usually forget what happens and just remember a little and i remember that it was such a good book so that is why. I have this one series called Mr. Tucket like no joke i have read it 4 times i love it!!

  4. I think sometimes with books that I REALLY love I read them so quickly I miss a lot of the details so I want to read it again to pick up on everything. Also with Twilight, you like that “world” so much, you want to visit again and relive all the great stuff that happened.

  5. I have read quite a few books more than once…one series, I try to read at least once a year (The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers) there is somethign about that series that just makes me feel like I am learning more about myself. I love to read really good books more than once generally if I need to fill my time with something relaxing. I am a reader more than once…I miss nuances in the books the first time…i want to learn more about the characters or am just bored.

  6. a fictional novel, perhaps for the same reason you watch movie more than once. It is entertaining and well done. It is relaxing and enjoyable.

    a christian inspirational book sometimes kicks my butt into gear. Later on when I feel like I need another kick in the butt I will re read it to hopefully have the same impact.

  7. There are some books I have read repeatedly usually fiction because I find enjoyable much like re-watching a movie. There are other books that are more informational or non-fiction that I re-read to find information or for a purpose.

  8. I think I see the difference between all you people and me …. you guys are truly READERS!!! I like to read and try to do it often, but it is usually the last thing I think of at the end of the day. I get most of my reading done on vacation or when donating plasma!!!!

  9. My husband re-reads books over and over and over. I ask him why and he says because they are good and he doesn’t always remember what happens. For some reason I always DO remember. I’m a one time through girl. πŸ™‚

  10. Ok- I barely read a book once, and have NEVER read a book twice….but my sister does it….She says, that is the same thing as turning on a movie in the house you have already seen. She read it bc she already knows whats going to happen…..its just an easy read before you go to bed….she knows whats going to happen, so its just something to relax her…..instead of reading a “first” time book that makes her want to stay up ALL night to finish….a 2nd time book, she knows she can put it down! Kinda confusing and to me, seems like I could be doing something else with my time πŸ™‚

  11. I have never read a book twice…..except, I have started reading THIS book for a second time…THE SHACK. It was soooooo good the first time, but I missed a lot of stuff. It’s just as good the second time.

  12. I’m having trouble getting through that one time.

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