Gotta a question for the Ivey family?  Let me know.  What do you want to know about us?  Have a question about adoption?  Or my mad cooking skills?  Or my awesome parenting??  Ha!

Send me your burning questions and I’ll get them answered …..


7 responses to “questions.

  1. When (if ever) are you guys going to make a trip back to Tennessee? I know you are hanging with the Shingleton’s this summer but I don’t think its here.

  2. When did you accept Jesus as Lord of your life and what were the circumstances?

  3. why does the easter bunny only come to Tennessee and not Texas?

  4. hey girl … i need your email address (computer crash, lost everything …blah, blah) … and my question for you is WHAT WOULD LIKE THE TITLE TO BE FOR YOUR STORY IN MY BOOK … hee hee .. yes, I am still working on it … what a huge task … We are in the process of bringing two children home from Uganda now, Maggie has started surgery, fundraising, and volunteering for a missionary in Uganda … You and Aaron would love her site … …

    i miss ya tons and we totally need to catch up !!

  5. When/How did the Lord stir your hearts for adoption & Haiti?

  6. When will your children be able to join our children in mass confusion?

  7. Do you think you guys will have another biological kid one day?

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