FOUR easter baskets

Today is a hard day for me.  Emotions are at the top of my throat and at any moment I could lose it and cry.  I went out to the garage this morning to retrieve the boys easter baskets since today is their egg hunt at school.  I wasn’t prepared for what I found when looking for theirs.

You see last year we bought four easter baskets.  3 matching boys ones and one for our sweet girl.  This morning I found them all together.  We have prayed for Easter for so long to have our kids home and the reality is setting in that it is not happening.  3 more night nights until another holiday and another date that we’ve prayed for passes us by.

I sent two sweet boys to school today with their matching Easter baskets and there are two empty Easter baskets on the table in my living room.  They are empty and still have the tags on.  Next year hopefully they’ll be used.

I want to find a new date to pray them home by, but honestly I’m scared to pick.  Scared for it to pass us by like this one is.



13 responses to “FOUR easter baskets

  1. Chrystal Gafford

    Days come and go. Some are harder to watch go than others. Praying for peace during your wait. God’s plan is perfect! I am telling you so I can remind myself. Your kids are getting cuter by the minute!!

  2. I’m so sorry for you all, because it must be hard. I know that must be a hard reminder of the wait. Be hopeful girl…maybe Thanksgiving would be a good date to set. I really have no idea how this timing stuff works, but I’m just sad for you 😦

  3. I’m so very sorry. It’s agonizing and heartbreaking. Praying that the next holiday you look forward to would be one that they are in your arms!

  4. Jamie, I just posted a comment intended for another blog! Sorry, the last comment was for someone else. It doesn’t make any sense for your post.

  5. love to you today jamie… i can’t imagine the heartache, but we are here standing beside you and aaron. it’s amazing how fast our hearts have latched on to yours and your sweet kids and are waiting with anxious hearts with you. we are looking forward to the next date to pray with you and wait for… they are coming home and it will be the absolute perfect day for them to join the rest of the ivey clan in austin. what a wonderful day it will be!!

  6. Waiting with you, Jamie!! God’s time is not our time, I know that is hard to hear, but….His time is so much better than ours!! And…I know that does not really make the pain any less…so, all that to say….waiting with you, Jamie!!

  7. So sorry your dreams for Easter haven’t happened. Soon they will be home and this heartbreaking wait will be over. I hope you enjoy your Easter with the two kiddos, and wish Story and Amos many blessings too!

  8. I’m so sorry, Jamie.

  9. I can’t even begin to imagine and I don’t understand. I’m praying no more holidays pass without them here. I’m so sorry and praying you get through each day with His grace and mercy until they are home.

  10. nancymattingly

    I have asked that God overwhelm you with His love. His peace. But above all, that He MOVE in this adoption process, and bring those precious ones HOME!! With His very own resurrection power! Believing God with you. for as long as it takes. much love.

  11. Your love for your children and desperation to have them are a great picture of God as our Father – He loves us more than we can imagine and yearns to see us in Heaven. I hope that you and your family grow stronger in your faith as y’all wait.

  12. Easter was difficult for us too. We are adopting Daniela from Haiti. Her files cleared out of MOI, and she was issued a passport in the first week of December. We have been waiting ever since for a visa. Daniela turned 2 in February. We pray everything goes smoothly for you and your family!

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