my clearance dress.

I wore a new dress to church today and got many compliments on it. I felt very “springy” in my dress! Every time someone would compliment my dress I felt compelled to tell them how much I paid for it

I couldn’t just say “thanks”.

Instead each time I said, “oh thanks, i got it on clearance at the Gap this fall for $8.”

By the fourth time I felt weird for feeling obligated to tell every person about my great deal this past Fall.

Not sure why?  You ever do this?


15 responses to “my clearance dress.

  1. Ever? I ALWAYS do that.

    I tell everyone. Always.

    I’ve considered carrying a sign.

  2. too! I love when people are oohhing over the kids clothes and I can tell them I paid 1.99 at the children’s place 🙂 I thought I was the only one since no one I know does it…

  3. YES…I do. Bad habit. For me it as though I feel guilty for having something new and have to explain myself…EVEN if it’s NOT new. “Why thanks…I went to (second hand store name) and it was priced 3.99, but it had a purple tag so it was 50% off…what a blessing!” Pretty pathetic!

  4. nancymattingly

    all. the. time. *is that bad?!!!
    Congrats. I’m just sorry you didn’t post a picture of it!!!

  5. haha…did it this morning! Someone told me they liked what I was wearing and I felt compelled to tell them how old it was. I agree with Nancy…I would have loved to seen a pic:):)

  6. yes. always. 🙂

  7. all the time, problem is when I talk myself into splurging on something I really think is great-no one seems to notice!! haha funny how that works.

  8. All the time…if I am shopping for clothing, I go straight to clearance..and then feel the need to tell every one!

  9. uh. yes. and it is a competition — like the deal I got is waaaaaay freakin better than the deal you got lady!!!! (Currently sitting in the shirt I got for 3.97 – thank you very much.)

  10. ALL the time! I got a skirt at Gap for 49 cents once. seriously. You can’t keep that from them, when they say that it’s cute!! I really loved the dress yesterday. HOTTIE!!!!

  11. All the time! I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want people to think I spend too much money on clothes or if I’m just so excited about the great deal I got.

  12. I think we need a pic of THE dress!

  13. I love sharing that I got my outfit or Bella’s at the “GW Boutique,” especially on clearance!

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