Now she’s gone.

It is always an odd thing when you see something on Licia or Lori’s blog that you have seen with your own eyes.  Seeing the place they work and do ministry changes the way you view their blog, see their pictures and read their stories.  It is like you can truly imagine it in your mind because you’ve seen where they live and work.

This hit home today when I read it because when we were there I sat on a bench RIGHT NEXT to this woman as Lori attempted to look in her throat.  There I was in Haiti on a bench next to her and now she’s gone.  Looking back I wish I would have held her hand.  I wish I would have told her she was beautiful.  I wish I would have asked her if she knew Jesus.

Now she’s gone.

Go HERE to see how you can help her family bury her.


One response to “Now she’s gone.

  1. Thanks for reminding us that we are so very blessed in this rich, healthy nation. That there are others who need us to share our wealth and that we need to live life now because no one knows if we will have a tomorrow.

    I’m going to go hug my children.


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