Haiti shirts fundraiser

We’ve sold them before, but maybe you missed it last year! Now’s your chance to get a HAITI SHIRT!!!

They are $20 and we’ll have sizes YM through adult XL (we can do bigger for $2 more per shirt)

They are printed on a navy Anvil shirt and they are super soft!


If you live out of town and need it shipped to you it’s $5 extra for shipping.

The money made on these shirts will go to our church for the Haiti trip that we just went on and future trips to Haiti with the Austin Stone Community Church.

Email me your orders: jamie@aaronivey.com

Here’s my whole family in our shirts:



4 responses to “Haiti shirts fundraiser

  1. They are cute… I might just have to get one before I leave for Haiti.

    By the way, I really do want to quit bugging you with comments, but I never heard back from you. All I want is some advise about where to help/stay in Haiti! If you don’t want to give that, do you know anyone else I could contact? I do not know Haiti very well and have no idea where to stay in PAP after our 1.5 weeks with Lori and Licia are over…

    I will take a hint though and quit asking if this one is ignored as well! 🙂

  2. im wearing mine today! how coincidental.

  3. Awesome!! I just sent you an email.

  4. Nikki, Michael’s home in PAP is a great place to stay. It is called St Joseph Home and the rooms are about $40.00 a night which includes dinner and maybe breakfast… http://www.heartswithhaiti.org is the website and the guest house info is just below the newsflash section. My adopted daughter stayed there for a few days and it was good. Her younger brother is living there now. very cool. Mary

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