What I learned this week

I gave myself permission to be a big slacker this week. I wanted to be lazy.  Sleep however long I wanted to, and basically do just about NOTHING!  While Fedna was here I didn’t sleep well and never got a full night’s sleep without interruptions, so I was taking a week to do whatever I wanted!

However I also want to try to be a better mom now that it’s just the boys.  I want to get a routine down so that when we have four kids I don’t lose it around here and can keep my act together when they come home.  *Note to readers – I know I’ll go crazy when we go from 2 to 4, but I’m just trying to get my feet planted on the ground before they arrive.*

So this week I decided I was going to try and get up BEFORE my kids get up each day and be ready to greet them when they got up.  You know that cheery, happy mom look.  I want that!    What usually happens is that the kids come in our room in the morning and we keep sending them back to their beds to read some more books until we’re ready to get up!  Then when I get up I’m usually racing to catch up, grouchy and not ahead of my kids.

From Monday through Sunday I got up before my kids THREE days … so 3 out of 7 – not too good, but it was the first week!  The days I did get up before them were AMAZING!  Yes I was tired when I got up initially, but it was SO MUCH BETTER.  I was showered and dressed.  I had prayed and read my bible and drank a cup of coffee before I even saw their sweet smiling faces.  I felt like I was more equipped for the day!

Another goal is to start running again.  You see what I normally do is train for a race and get in good shape, then run the race and then quit running.  It is so awful.  I can’t ever stay in shape.  I’m always getting back into shape!  This week I ran four times.  Two with kids and two without.  The times with kids kicked my tail. UGH.  Awful!  So hopefully I can keep up the running!


I learned something really awful about myself this week.  I learned that given the opportunity to do nothing and waste lots of time, I can do that very well.  I wasted lots and lots of time this week.  Nothing I can do about it now, and actually it was kinda nice to do nothing, but starting tomorrow a NEW day is dawning!!!  This week I will try to be a better steward of my time.  I will try to get up before the kids and be ready to start the day physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I will also NOT get on FB, bloglines, or twitter while my kids are awake.  It sucks me in and dries me out.  Before you know it you’ve been at the computer for 40 minutes while the kids are running crazy!  Not this week!

I’m also giving up cheese this week.  Sounds weird I know, but seriously I can’t tell you how many times a day I eat a string cheese.  Or at night I eat 2 or 3 slices of cheese while watching tv.  I know, I’m a weirdo.  So, this week NO CHEESE FOR SNACKS.

I think I’m trying to do LOTS this week.  Maybe too much.  I hope I don’t fail at all of them!

Here’s my goals for the week:

  • NO cheese for snacks
  • get up before the kids at least 4 times this week
  • run at least 3 times this week
  • NO fb, bloglines, twitter or meanless google searches while kids are awake!

wow lots of goals in one week!  if you see my on FB – call me out!!!!

Any of you working on any goals lately?


7 responses to “What I learned this week

  1. Jamie, you have hit upon exactly the areas I struggle with … too much time on the computer, not getting up before the kids and feeling grumpy and groggy because of it, etc. etc. etc. I won’t even go there with the exercise thing. This week my hubby’s gone and it will be stretch for me, but I want to try and be a good steward of my time as well. Thank you for setting the bar!

  2. Hey Jamie,
    I thought I would comment since God has been dealing with me in the same area as goals.

    My son, Cade, is 4 and he LOVES movies!! It’s rediculous! He was such a hard baby that when he was just months old I realized he really liked to watch TV and it kept him quiet. Becuase I was a mom at my wits end, I let him do it. Well it turned in to an overwhelming habit!! He wanted to watch TV 24/7. About a year and a half ago I started him in day care where they obviously don’t watch TV and found (by observation) that he really did play quite well and was okay without a TV. But turning the TV on once he got home as just too easy and so I never helped alleviate the feeding of his craving for TV. Now that I have a 7 month old who also seems to like TV i said NOOO WAYY! Is this going to happen again and decided that everyday I won’t turn the TV on unless the kids are BOTH napping, or it’s after dinner time. SO we don’t turn the TV on around here till about 7 and then we turn it off again to read before bedtime (another new goal). It has helped me feel like such a more active parent!! I love it and it’s one less thing driving me crazy all day!

    I know that so many people already do this and it may seem like an easy task, but for me, it works so well, and it wasn’t something I thought was super important before I started doing it. Even my husband, who at first thought it was stupid, upholds the no TV till dinner rule!! It’s exciting to also see us come together on something like that.

  3. Oh, Jamie, we are living parallel lives. Right down to the string cheese. 🙂 Once I’m no longer pregnant, I want to get in shape, wake up earlier, and spend less time online, too!

  4. can you tell me what fb is?

  5. bloggablemusicnetwork

    Wow! How did you run pushing THOSE two big boys. You’re awesome… I’d better go ahead and start training for the Bearathon next year so you don’t totally leave me in your dust…

    As for getting up early…I’m SUCH a huge fan of getting up before the kids. I started getting up at 5:30 about a year or so ago and not to exaggerate, but my-life-is-totally-different. I’m able to get all my “big rocks” in in the morning – Bible study, prayer, exercise, getting dressed etc.

    I don’t really know how I started getting up so early…I just tried and there was grace to help me along. Now, I love that time and I don’t really like to sleep in.

    Anyway, all that to say I’ll be praying that this is a successful week for you!

  6. I have been feeling this myself. Derek and I have recently had some talks about using time bettter and having more “relaxed” time together at night. That requires me to engage more during the day! Thanks for the encouragement, even though that may not have been your purpose! And I’m not going to call you out on FB b/c I don’t plan on being on there either…haha:):)

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