Adoption Update

We have no official update on our status, but to give you an understanding of where we are, here’s what one blog says:

Currently, there are about 350 files inside the downstairs MOI office. There are about 200 files in the upstairs (Office of Juritique) office.

About 30 files were having passport authorization letters typed up on Friday morning. Thus, there is movement. :))

Thanks for the update on your blog Vera.  Please go HERE to read the whole information on files in MOI.  I have no idea where the MOJ part is in the whole process, but last I heard that’s where we are right now.

2 responses to “Adoption Update

  1. Apparently we’re on the same wavelength tonight. I just posted links to Vera’s blog as well. Feeling rather discouraged at the moment!

  2. Hi Jamie! I love following your blog and Aaron’s. I left a comment back while you were in Haiti, but didn’t hear back, so thought I would try again. I need some help… my boyfriend and I are going to Haiti over Christmas (just booked our flights yesterday!!). We are going to be spending most of the 2 weeks with Lori and Licia, but we also went to spend 2 nights/3 days in PAP. We read on your blogs about some great organizations there, and you also mentioned a guest house that you really liked. Would you be able to pass on any info to us? We would love to go to the orphanage you went to for kids with special needs (can’t remember the name)- we went to a similar one in the DR and fell in love with the kids. If you have any info you can pass on (particularly about the guest house) that would be awesome- thanks!!

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