The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Aaron gets coupons every Monday from Redbox for us to get a free movie. What a great deal! I mean we have Netflix, but sometimes we don’t have a movie on Monday nights and did I mention it’s a free night! Well it never works that way for us. Tonight is Thursday and I just now watched our “free” movie, so this “free” movie just costs us $3 plus some change!

Anyhow … What a wonderful movie I watched tonight. I highly recommend THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS to you guys. There have been many great movies over the holocaust, and I have enjoyed lots of them, but this one was different. It is a movie through the eyes of an 8 year old German boy, whose father is an officer in the army. Wow it is so good. I only wish I would have read this book first, because I imagine it is fabulous!


9 responses to “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

  1. was it sad at the end?

  2. We just watched this last weekend…. I couldn’t watch the ending… I had to go to bed…. Jeff thought I was nuts because I wasn’t going to watch to see how it ended….

    I knew in my heart how it was going to end, and when Jeff came up and told me how it ended…. I was right….

    I think sometimes I am in the mood for things like that and sometimes I just can’t deal with it…. makes me feel ill that there is so much rotten in this world (and yes I know there is so much good too!)

    You have been in my prayers… leaving your kids again in Haiti and bringing Fedna home… It is hard to get close to a date that you thought they would be home and then pass it by….

    I found a pair of Brit and Fed’s socks in the diaper bag yesterday and started crying. I still miss those girls, and they have been home two months already….

  3. I bought this book several years ago at a used book store. there was no cover jacket on it so I had no idea what it was about–I just liked the title. I just saw that they made a movie of it a couple of months ago, so I need to finally read it! I’ll let you know when I do…I’m sure it’s better than the movie–that’s usually how it goes! Miss you lots!!

  4. I saw this advertised and have been wanting to watch it! Not sure if it’s out in Chile yet, though. I’ll have to look for it!

  5. okay-this is now my next book to read, thanks to your blog post and rachel’s comment. 🙂

    i watched martian child last weekend-haven’t watched it until now because the title bothered me. but it was good too! i will admit-i cried a little… or a lot.

  6. tanya pretty much covered it! thanks! heehee

  7. I can’t wait to see this. On the same subject, you should read The Book Thief. It’s also about the holocaust from a German child’s perspective. Our book club just read it and we all loved it!

  8. I have read the book and let me tell you it is absolutely amazing! i am absolutely dying to see this movie. My sister apparently has seen it already at her school and she hasn’t even read the book. How fair is that. great great book!

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