Stuart Little

We FINALLY finished CHARLOTTE’S WEB last night.  Yes I cried.  The boys thought I was crazy.  Aaron thought I had lost it.  Charlotte died and it moved me.  I knew she would die.  The boys knew she would die.  Still I cried.

We ventured out to the library today and we are now reading STUART LITTLE that was also written by E.B. White.  I have a long list of books that people recommended lately and so we’ll slowly move through them.

Sometimes when I read to my kids I wonder if they’re really listening or not.  Cayden seems to enjoy it much more, which is no surprise to me.

So tonight we tackled three chapters in our new book …12 more to go!


8 responses to “Stuart Little

  1. Reading aloud to your kids is also a WONDERFUL cognitive exercise for your own brain. You all benefit!

  2. Check out The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. The first part is about reading to your child and the 2nd part is an annotated bibliography. Also, I have list of must read books on my blogs.

  3. nancymattingly

    I miss this part of being a mom. Soak it up. You are a great mom…..
    oh, and by the way, I cry at Charlotte’s Web too.

  4. We used to do that all the time… I need to start that again.

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  6. We just read Stuart Little, but I have been too scared to read Charlotte’s Web to Jafta. I’m worried he will lose it, too!

  7. When my five were younger, Phil would read to them every night. They went through many classics. They still talk about those times and bring up “scenes” and how they were moved or scared by them.

  8. I cry every time–you are not alone. Charlotte’s Web tops my list of great books to gift to children or adults. Stuart Little was unexpectedly wonderful with gentle lessons on almost every page. Enjoy!

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