Today has been a fabulous day.

I really have a hard time processing things while here.  I’m a late processor and have a hard time putting my thoughts to words.  I leave the great writing to Aaron!  He tells stories much better than I ever will.

I’m going to give you a short breakdown of today:

  • Visited Port-Au-Prince Fellowship church where John brought a great message to us about being open to what God has for our lives and taking ownership in what he is doing for us and through us.
  • Had great pizza at a restaurant in town.  They had some pastries there that were calling my name, but no success on their party!
  • Headed out to the Wings of Hope home for children with handicaps.  I can’t even begin to try and explain my time here at this home.  Many quiet tears were shed as I just touched and rubbed on a girl in bed with severe disabilities.  Many quiet tears were shed as I kissed the head of a boy in a wheelchair as he reached for my hand and smiled so big with each kiss.  My thoughts were constantly to Fedna.  What will this little girl’s life turn out to be.  What care will she get?  What can I do to help her?  This was one of the hardest places I’ve visited in all my visits to Haiti.  I think because we just had Fedna it struck a cord in my heart that I never knew was there.  Man that girl changed me.
  • Visited the Baptist Mission there and ran into Eleanor Turnbull and her husband Wolly.  She spoke profound words to strangers and was such an encouragement.  Her and her family spent 57 consecutive years in Haiti and are still coming and going.  They are heros and legends in this country.  The fruit of their labor is still flourishing out there.
  • Met another adoptive family at the Baptist Mission.  They work there and have their son that they are adopting living with them.  They are in MOI like us.  Super sweet family.
  • Got back to MGH and had spaghetti for dinner.  yummy!

Tomorrow we’re heading out to go help unload a trailer with Zach.  A day of hard work!  Looking forward to working hard and getting sweaty in Haiti!


3 responses to “Day TWO

  1. It sounds wonderful, Jamie. I’m so glad you are able to be there once again.

  2. praying for you so much!!

  3. I love reading about your trip. It is so nice to imagine Delmas, Compassion and the Baptist Mission. All places I have been. God is really working on you. Keep praying.

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