Day one in Haiti.

Today was a great day on our trip.  We started early this morning with the roosters waking us up letting us know it was time for the day to begin!  Only problem is that they start about 3 am instead of sunrise!

Our guesthouse is great and I would highly recommend it.  We’re staying at the Methodist Guest house in Delmas.  The food is fabulous, the lady that runs it is great and we feel very safe here.

We first headed to Three Angels Orphanage this morning.  The whole way there I was wondering if there were any kids there that I would know from blog world.  I follow so many adoptive parents blogs that surely there had to be someone’s blog that I follow that had kids at this place.  I found one family that I recognize from the pictures on their bed.  I loved on them extra special and took pictures for the family.  I can’t wait to send them to them.  One of their little boys walked around the entire time with a  little blue bag stuffed with stuff that his mama and papa had recently sent him.  It was super cute.

The place was great.  The kids were fabulous and we had fun playing with the bigger ones and loving on the little ones.  I was impressed with the cleanliness and found the place to be good.  The lady serving there was telling me about a need for a teacher to serve there to teach the kids.  If anyone is interested in serving there, let me know and I’ll connect you to Megan.

We then headed to the Livesay’s house to eat our lunch the MGH has packed for us.  We devoured some bread from across the street and enjoyed sitting and talking with them.  After that we headed to a Compassion Project in PAP.  I loved this part of the day.  It was so cool for me to see what Compassion does for the kids in their project.  We have two children from Compassion that we sponsor and I love the organization, but this opened my eyes to the reality of Compassion.  They truly are releasing kids from poverty.  They are not only feeding them and educating them, but they are teaching them a trade.  They are allowing the kids to get out of the poverty cycle by teaching them a way to make a living.  What an amazing organization.  We visited kids in cooking class, sewing class, pottery class, music class and drawing classes.  It was such an honor to se them learning a trade to get themselves out of poverty.  Talk about life change!

My favorite part of the day and most moving part was when we were about to leave these older girls were asking me questions and I couldn’t understand them.  I could understand a few words every now and then and it sounded like American names that they were asking me about.  I found Troy to interpret for me and sure enough they were saying American names.  They were asking me if I knew their sponsor.  They wanted to know if I knew the person that lives in the US and sponsors them. How amazing was that.  I was blown away.

We finished our night with another good meal here at the MGH and lots of fun girl talk around the table outside.  Our team is all girls except for Aaron!  He spent the night at the Livesay’s so him and Troy could have boys night!  Fun times!

For me, it’s 9PM and I’m heading to bed.  Tomorrow is church, lunch and another mission to visit.


3 responses to “Day ONE

  1. hey, can you take some pictures of the medothist guest house? I stayed in a guest house on my first trip and can’t for the life of me remember which one it was but it was amazing and I want to go back!!

  2. Hey! Glad you are having a great trip. We always stay at the MGH and LOVE it! I’m so glad you got to love on the kids at Three Angels! Did you happen to see my little sweeties, Rebecca and Kervens. They are up in the nursery!

  3. Praying for you guys.

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