5th time to visit kids

In a few days we’ll see our kids in Haiti. Man I can’t wait. Aaron just saw Amos last week and had so much fun with him the one night he had with him. The last time we saw them was the beginning of December and Aaron says that Amos has already changed so much!


This will be my fifth time to visit my kids since we started this journey. Five times I’ve held them and had to say good-bye with promises of coming back and one day taking them home.

Here’s how it has gone down for us:

Summer 2007 – decide to adopt again

Late August 2007 – learn about a boy that would turn out to be our  son

Sept 2007 – begin home study and dossier

Nov 2007 – decide to adopt two and Story is born

Jan 2008 – visit kids and take down dossier

April 2008 – enter IBESR

May 2008 – visit kids

September 2008 – visit kids

December 2008 – visit kids and exit IBESR

December 2008 – exit Parquet

Jan 2009 – Enter MOI

March 2009 – visit kids

Last time we saw our kids we exited a big department while we were there with them. How cool would it be if we exited another department while we are there this next week. What a week that would be!

Still no news on the birth certificate we’re waiting on. There’s nothing I can do from here and that is hard for me. I want to be able to email someone or call someone to check on it. Not much I can do for that.

I’m wondering if when we get that birth certificate worked out if we’ll exit soon after that. I have prayed forever to have these kids home by April 12 – Easter. I dreamed of new outfits …. all matching somehow for sure! Now I pray for them to be home before our crazy summer begins. Sometimes that seems unrealistic too. My stomach hurts when I think “what if summer comes and goes and they are still not here”. UGH. The waiting is so hard!


One response to “5th time to visit kids

  1. Ugh!!! The waiting IS hard!!! Praying for your visit and that your kiddos will get to come home SOON!!!

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