Just like every other Tuesday for the past 8.5 weeks it’s just Fedna and I at the table eating lunch together.  She is cracking me up b/c she is putting salsa on her chip for the first time.  The other day I gave the boys peach salsa and she literally ate it with a spoon …. but this salsa is hot and she is cracking me up.  After every bite her face looks so funny and yet she still goes back for more!

Tomorrow marks NINE weeks that she’s been here.  Nine long and wonderful weeks.  In 3 more night night’s she’ll be reunited with her country and family.  What a joy!  What a journey this sweet little 3 year old has been on!

We got some packing done last night for Haiti!  Yippee!!!  We had our team over for dinner and packed some of their suitcases with all the fabulous stuff that has been donated by all of YOU!

I have Fedn’s bag half way full!  I just bought her mom and dad a shirt today and still need to get her a few things.  It’s hard to know what to send.  What will be useful and what will be pointless.

I hear a rumor that Aaron and I are heading out on the town tonight for a date.  Oh  man what a joy that man is to me.  He loves to treat his woman well!

Gotta run … off to Manor to pick up more supplies for our trip!!!


2 responses to “packing.

  1. What a cute story about the salsa. I hope the rest of the packing goes smoothly, and I hope you & Aaron had a great time on your date!

  2. You should get a package from me by tomorrow.

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