laundry helper



Fedna helped me with the laundry the other day.  She would hand me all the clothes while I folded them!!!  Such a good helper!


3 responses to “laundry helper

  1. check out her cute hair!

  2. When do you need your supplies for your March trip by?

  3. I was just thinking the other day what a bright Light you all have been for one another. Your family for Fedna, but, also Fedna for your family….and all of us:)

    I think we are looking at a glimpse of the Love God feels for all of us, and, how we should respond to Him with all we have within us.

    Thank you, Jamie, for sharing so much of your amazing journey in life with all of us. Your home will be very quiet next week, and, yet, the seed God has planted in all your lives will remain with your family, Fedna and her precious family who awaits her back home in Haiti.

    God bless you all HUGE!!!

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