sweet potatoe and lentil soup

I made a new soup tonight.  I LOVE making soups.  They are so good and have great potential for being very healthy!  I really enjoyed this new soup and even had enough left over for two freezer bags (not the big ones, but the medium ones).  That’s two dinners for the kids and I!  Yippee!!

The soup is called SWEET POTATOE AND LENTIL SOUP – and by the way I can’t remember does potatoe have an “e” at the end or not?  Wasn’t this some kind of joke in the 90’s during a presidential race, or did I dream that?

I got the recipe HERE from Mama Manifesto. If you don’t subscribe to this blog I encourage you to soon.  They have great recipes, great mom tips and give away lots of really cool stuff. I know someone that just won something on their site.  I always wonder if real people win the giveaways … yeap they do!  Maybe my winning streak is around the corner.

Anyhow try out the recipe and let me know your thoughts.  Instead of chicken stock I used veggie broth.  I had to use more than they said and add water too.  I think I used way more lentils then it called for, b/c it was very lentily (is that a word?), which i don’t mind lentily (there it is again!) but I’m just telling you what I did.  I used two big sweet potatoes and I think I could have gone for three, but maybe that’s just because mine was very lentily.

I loved it.  Let me know your thoughts.  It was SUPER DUPER EASY!


5 responses to “sweet potatoe and lentil soup

  1. I got my dress in and it fits perfectly.


    Also, did you know that shabby apple gives out small business loans to women in other countries?? My dress had a tag on it with the information of one lady who got a loan of $200 to open up a tailoring business. That is so cool.

  2. I love this recipe! 🙂 Do both of your kids eat soup? I love making soup – it’s so easy and healthy, but my kids won’t eat it. It’s so annoying!!

    • Kristen my kids are not the biggest fans of soup, but they have to eat at least a small bowl. I guess they are hungrier that night, but oh well! I love soup and even more than that I LOVE freezing soup. I think it makes me feel so domestic and I rely on those frozen meals when Aaron’s out of town!

  3. no “e” when singular, add “e” when plural.
    v.p. quayle encouraged a spelling bee contestant at an elementary school to add the “e” after the boy had spelled correctly. supposedly because the flashcard he was reading the word from spelled it with the “e”. he became the butt of many jokes there after that although it is a commonly misspelled word.
    i love soups, too. did this one make you gassy? and i don’t think you can make an adverb out of lentil but i get what you mean. 🙂

    i sound like a teacher, don’t i? too bad i don’t use capitalization correctly.

  4. The soup was incredible, but the company was even better.

    Loved hanging out with you & the kids last night. I’m so glad I was able to meet Miss Fedna & have some chill time with you & the boys!!!

    Love you!

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