updated needs for upcoming Haiti trip

I LOVE getting ready for trips to Haiti.  I love getting the list of needs and wants from the missionaries and trying my hardest to get every single one of them filled!  It is fun!  I could not do it without you guys helping me!  I only have so much money to spend, but all of us together can tackle these needs in a flash.  Our team, which consists of 6 girls and Aaron and I, has been buying and collecting supplies for our trip.  We have done such a good job!  There are a few things that we have not received any of, and a few things that we could take a few more and some things that you can never have enough of!  I’m going to fill you in on our needs and if you would like to help we would greatly appreciate it!  If it is easier for you to send money via paypal and I’ll go buy it then that is fabulous too!  Email me and I’ll give you my paypal info.  jamie@aaronivey.com

Needs that we have received none of:

art crafts for kids

science kits

rechargeable batteries

Beverly Cleary books

file folders

HP printer cartridge #21 black & #22 color

art supplies

Needs that we could use more of:

black sharpies

books for Licia & Lori to read

wind up flashlights

jump ropes

boys undies

girls undies

index cards

large safety pins

contact paper

hair pomade

rechargeable flashlights

HEB coffee

powdered creamer

Stuff they can always use:

baby shampoo & lotion

spray bottle for bleach

kids hair stuff


hard candy


2 responses to “updated needs for upcoming Haiti trip

  1. Hi Jamie- I just UPS’d a box to you. It had 8 pkgs of girls barrettes, 200 elastic bands for hair, 200 index cards, 20 baby diaper pins and some large regular safety pins ( wasn’t sure which ones they wanted). There are also some clothes and shoes for Fedna and clothes for Story ( just 3 outfits). It should get to you hopefully by Saturday. Have a safe trip. Angie

  2. Hey Jamie, I wrote a blog post about about Aaron’s song “I will get you here” that went up today at http://adjix.com/dkz6 .

    I’m sure that this post is no great revelation to you guys, but it was a powerful moment for me as I heard Aaron and Jimmie play last weekend, and thought I would share it.

    Our blog is going to move pretty soon to http://www.kingdomcallingadvisors.com and I don’t think the above link will work then (not sure). So, if that happens, it’s the 3/7 post.

    I kind of got the impression Aaron went to Haiti this week, so I don’t know if I’m too late for this trip, but I’ll email you about paypal. Thanks! wes

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