Proud of you

Tonight as I was tucking the kids in bed Cayden sat up in his bed and looked at me with the sweetest smile and said “I’m proud of you mommy.”

Well how sweet of him.  I’ve been trying to tell my kids I’m proud of them when they do good stuff, so apparently he’s been listening.

I said, “Oh that’s nice, what are you proud of me for?”

He looked at me and melted my heart when he said “because you’re my mommy.”

Oh my goodness.  He is a dear.  What a joy it is when your kids actually say something nice to you.  His compliment didn’t really make sense, but in his little five year old brain and heart he was loving on his mommy and trying to encourage her.

I’m actually quite proud of myself tonight too.  I have a really BAD habit of plopping myself on the couch at night to unwind and I always end up eating something late at night.  It is like an unwinding time from the day.  Not every night, but let’s say 4 nights out of 7.  That’s a lot of late night eating.  When Aaron’s home it’s even worse b/c we sit here together and eat nacho’s or Chuy’s or anything else we can think of.

Tonight I went to the kitchen to get my late night snack and actually had it in the microwave (I won’t tell you what it was) and then put it back and said “NO late night snack tonight Miss Jamie”.  I think I actually said something like that outloud too!  It was funny.

I’m always complaining that I’m gaining weight, so tonight I’m proud of myself for not partaking in any late night snack.

Now I’m off to bed because I’m hungry and need to get in bed before I cave and go get the chips!

2 responses to “Proud of you

  1. I’m proud of you too! You’ve been doing such a great job taking care of Fedna and everyone else. It’s hard to remember to take care of yourself as well! I sometimes fall into the late night snack habit. One thing that helps is to brush your teeth early, so you aren’t tempted later.

  2. that’s precious! one time addison told me that i was “bootiful” and it melted my heart. there is nothing like your own children giving you words of encouragement.

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