Compassion in Haiti

A very cool thing happened at our house last night.  Cayden was able to pack a backpack for his new friend in Haiti.  We went to Target yesterday and he picked out a Cars backpack for his new friend, Wonsli.  He picked out toys and a toothbrush, soap, a car, and a game.  He was so excited to get to send this special stuff to his new friend in Haiti.  When we got home I found a picture of Cayden and one of our family and we put them in a special folder for Wonsli.  Then Cayden drew him a picture and wrote him a note that we put in his folder for him.


It makes me smile so big to see what is happening within Cayden.  He doesn’t even know it, but he will have a huge impact on this little boys life.  For him it’s a new friend, but in the years to come we pray we can show him how helping out someone in need not only changes their life, but will change his too.  Through Cayden sponsoring this little boy he will receive an education, medical care, food and most importantly he’ll hear about a God that saves and rescues all of us from our sins.  What an honor to be able to walk beside Compassion as they do amazing work all around the world, and especially in Haiti in a little boy’s life named, Wonsli.


The coolest thing about this story is that later in this week Aaron gets the chance to see and touch Wonsli.  He’ll meet him and give him all the gifts that Cayden picked out for him.  He’ll love on him, play with him, give him lots and lots of candy, and tell him all about a little five year old boy in America that is so excited to have a friend in Haiti.

We have promised Cayden that when he gets older he too can go to Haiti and meet Wonsli.  That thought makes him so excited.  Each of our kids will have the opportunity to sponsor their own child through Compassion when they turn five.  Now of course this is our money, but as they get older we’ll figure out ways that they too can financially contribute to the work Compassion is doing in the lives of their “friends”!

If you or your child would like to sponsor a child through Compassion go here and get started.  Aaron and Bush are in Haiti this week with Compassion. They will be seeing first hand the work that goes on there in the lives of so many children.  Follow their blogs this week:


They  even have twitter.  I have absolutely NO idea what that means, but you can follow here:





2 responses to “Compassion in Haiti

  1. Great to be working with Compassion. My husband is volunteering as an advocate and we pray we’ll be able to do a Compassion trip soon. I’ll have to hop over to see if they are in Haiti now. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Hey JAmie,
    Don’t know if you remember our meeting at a camp in Indiana this summer,but we have been following your blog. It was a blessing to run into Aaron on the plane as we were headed to Haiti for a mission trip. We are praying for your family and adoption. Your work with Compassion Internation is appreciated. The boys look beautiful.

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