reading Charlotte’s Web

I have been wanting to start reading books to the boys at night, and the last time we hit up the library I checked out a classic.  We are reading CHARLOTTE’S WEB by E.B. White at night before they go to bed.  It is a struggle for me, because the teacher in me wants them to sit still and pay close attention, but the mom in me realizes that it a lot to ask of a 5 and 3 year old, especially when there are hardly any pictures in the book!

The reading at night is going well.  I’m not sure Deacon is paying attention at all, but Cayden is getting into it.  I have to stop and ask questions every now and then to keep their minds on the story.  We’ve gotten to the part where Charlotte is writing things in her web to try and save Wilbur from his final destiny of bacon on the family’s breakfast table.  So far, she’s written “some pig” and “fantastic”.  Last night after we finished Cayden had that look on his face like his mind was going crazy and he was thinking about something so important.  We like to say around her that his “gerbil” is going crazy in his head.  🙂  He looked at me and with the most serious look he could muster up he said, “Mom, why doesn’t she just write “don’t kill wilbur” in her web instead of fantastic?”.  How funny!  He was wondering why Charlotte just didn’t get to the point!!!!

I can tell that Cayden is paying attention, because we’re watching the movie this morning and he is pointing out similarities and differences from the book and the movie.  After this book, I”m not sure what we’ll move on to next.  Any great ideas for my 5 year old?


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  1. too cute!

    my father’s dragon is a GREAT book. it is my favorite book for kids his age. there are acutally 3 different books in the series (sometimes they are all bound together). it is a great little adventure that would be easy for both boys to sit and listen too! my girls LOVE all three…and i did, too!

  2. When I read aloud to my girls, if they want, they can color or draw. You could also give the boys pipe cleaners to play with while you read. This works well for my girls even though they are older than your boys.

    The Tale of Despereaux is a fabulous read aloud. I’m going to look for the book that the previous poster recommended as well.

  3. The Narnia books are great! Chapters are fairly short and then you’ve got movies to show too 🙂

  4. You inspired me to read this to my son! We started on Monday and he’s hooked! Just yesterday I asked some other mom’s for book ideas once this one is done, so your post time is perfect timing! I’ll look forward to seeing what comments are left!

  5. I’ll echo the above sentiments and say that I think the “My Father’s Dragon” books are an excellent introduction to chapter books! The Tale of Desperaux is also a great read – as is ANYTHING (well, most things, some are more appropriate for tweens and older kids) by Kate Di Camillo! DiCamillo’s “Mercy Watson” books are really great for little ones too! The are short, funny chapter books about a pig named “Mercy.” Another of DiCamillo’s books, called “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” has a very soft and mushy place in my heart. It’s a very sweet, albeit sort of sad (but in a good way, sad) book. Another author I would highly recommend if your boys are liking animal stories is Dick Kingsmith. He wrote “Babe, the Gallant Pig” (which is best for a six or seven year old. It has a lot of great lessons about kindness manners). He has some adorable books geared toward younger readers like “Sophie’s Snail” and “A Mouse Called Wolf.” He also has a really funny one about a baby who can talk called “George Speaks.” Hope you find some books that both you and your little boys love!!

  6. Oh, one more super cute and very funny animal book is “Three Good Deeds.” I can’t remember the author, but it’s about a boy who gets turned into a duck and can’t become human again until he does three genuinely selfless, and good things.

  7. That is awesome! We just started doing this with Jafta, too. We started with Stuart Little, and he loves it! I’ve also heard that the Frog & Toad series is good for this age.

  8. my kiddo is loving amelia bedilia books right now… and shel silverstein.

  9. That is SO funny! I love it. Kudos to you for reading chapters at bedtime. I’m always so exhausted by then so I go for the shorter books;) One that all of my kids loved and for some reason Maveric finds especially funny is “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?” I think Deacon would really like it too-great illustrations.

  10. Hi Jaimie! One of the chapter books that we started off with was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Koby really loved this one. Then after we were done we watched the movie which was fun to compare to the book. Koby thought “The Tale of Despereaux” was kind of slow, especially when there weren’t very many pictures. He might need to be a little older to really enjoy it.

  11. The book “the mixed up files up Mrs. basil E frankwieler” is the best book ever about two kids who run away from home (little girl and her brother) they go to the museum in NYC it is really cute.

  12. Try James Herriot’s Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Tales from the Author of All Creatures Great and Small.

    It won’t take as long as Charlotte’s Web because it’s an anthology of eight stories, but there are more pictures, and I bet Deacon might even get into them a little bit! These are FANTASTIC stories!

    I also love the Chronicles of Narnia, too. Or anything by Holling C. Holling–his classic stories are great for that age, especially for boys, and the chapters are very short and there are nice illustrations.

  13. One book that I LOVED when I was younger was the BFG (The Big Friendly Giant). I read it and read it… I was a bit older but they might like you reading it to them!

  14. I’m so glad you are starting chapter books with the boys. WE just flew through the Spiderwick Chronlcles. They’re a little creepy, but my boys totally got into them. May be good in a few years. Recently we have compared books to movies or plays that we’ve seen on homeschool feild trips and it has just openned their eyes to comprehension. Enjoy each day!

  15. I just remembered one of my favorite “little boys” books ever! The Iron Man! Remember that movie The Iron Giant? This is the book the movie was based upon. According to my kids, in this case… movie=dumb and boring, book=freaking awesome (except they aren’t allowed to say “freaking” so I imagine they would describe it with some other, more appropriate, expletive). Anyway, they liked it a lot, and it’s really short. Perfect for a five year old!

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