Fedna eating

Many of you have asked how it is that Fedna eats since she has to be on her belly 24/7 since her surgery on Feb 13th.  Well here you go:


At first I had her on a blanket on the floor, but that just felt awful.  I felt like I was treating her like the dog in the family.  So we moved the ottoman over and put it by the table and she is happy to eat all her meals here.  I can’t wait until she can sit with us at the table again!


3 responses to “Fedna eating

  1. hey Jamie :o) This is April Morales from the Stone. (I’m Jerod’s wife-in case you forgot). This week a friend of mine who is a physical therapist was telling me about a ministry in Haiti that helps Haitians with physical disabilities. They provide wheelchairs and other equipment. It reminded me of Fedna. I don’t know if this ministry could help her or her family when she returns, but I wanted to pass the information along to you. Their website is http://www.healinghandsforhaiti.org. Have a good day. I’m praying for you :o)

  2. AWESOME!! Look at that face! What a sweetie!
    Thank you for loving her and doing for her momma & daddy can’t!
    What a sweet blessing.

  3. I wish I could eat all my meals while reclining on an ottoman too! 🙂 Not really, but she sure looks cute there in her eating spot. BTW, I think we may have the same, if not very similar ottomans. fun!

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