playing outside

Played baseball outside today with the boys. So much fun! I’m in a much better place today. Thanks to a good talking to by Shawnah this morning and Maris coming over so I could get out – I had a great day! I think I was even a better mommy today than I was yesterday!


Not sure who taught them how to stand, but they have the catcher’s position all wrong!  I couldn’t help but laugh!  Cayden told me the other day he wants to play baseball.  I searched online and found a league close to us, but I missed the cut off.  Dang.  He seems to really like it right now.  Maybe in the Fall we’ll catch a league!


Fedna even played outside today …. on her belly of course!!!  Only 2.5 more days to go!  We go back to the doctor on Thursday.  I hope and pray he says she looks FABULOUS and is good to move all she wants!  Not sure I can do this another week!


One response to “playing outside

  1. I CANNOT wait to hug and kiss these little faces!!

    And I really can’t wait to see you friend. It’s been way to long!!

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