your favorite place to get away

Aaron and I need to get away.  Bad.  Now.  Soon.

From Feb 13 to March 13 we will have only been in the same house together 11 nights.  wow.  sucks.

We are in the midst of one of the busiest seasons of our life and the one thing that has been neglected during this time has been “us”.  Not on purpose by any means, but it’s just the thing that has been neglected.  Aaron and I are very good about dating each other.  We love to go out and get away from the kids.  We value that time together and we need it.  We are a better couple when we devote time to “us”.

Anyhow … with Fedna being here and Aaron working on a new album our time together has been non-existent.  We both know that this is a season and right now my time is devoted to getting this little girl better and back home, but it is hard on us as well.

So …. we are planning a get away as soon as our schedule permits it.  When we get back from Haiti life should get back to “normal”.  This is where I need your help.  Where is your favorite spot to get away to?  It can be close to us or far from us, it doesn’t matter.  We just need about 3 or 4 days and that will do us good.

So, leave me a comment and tell me your favorite places to get away and why.


22 responses to “your favorite place to get away

  1. Our two favorites:
    Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri. You have to get a honeymoon cabin. They’re amazing. We took our honeymoon there, and we’ve been back a couple of times since then. They have great restaurants on site as well. I think it’s

    Los Cabos, Mexico. We got to San Jose del Cabo, the small town where the airport is, not Cabo San Lucas, where all the tourist stuff is. San Jose is quiet and quaint and oh-so-beautiful. We stayed at the Royal Solaris last time, and it was great. We actually have a time-share if you want to buy a week. It’s all-inclusive.

  2. I don’t know that I have a favorite place to get away to… I wish I did. ‘Cause that would mean that I was getting away more often. But If you decide you want to head to the Northwest I am sure I could think of some fun places to visit anywhere between Seattle and Portland. From eclectic bookstores, to wine tasting, fine dining and off-beat eateries, we’ve got it all up here! 🙂

  3. if you want to stay close, i’d check out the hyatt lost pines in bastrop… heard GREAT things about it. also, fredricksburg has great b&b’s and fun restaurants. i’ve also heard there are great last minute deals on cruises that are 4-5 days out of galveston, if that is your cup of tea. have fun planning!!!

  4. St. Augustine, Florida.

    Very, very cool and historical.

    And … well, it’s Florida! You get a little bit of everything.

    To make it worth your while, stay at the “Our House” B&B ( It is a doily-free zone. Dave, the innkeeper, used to be a journalist in Washington. He is fascinating, and will help you find the best places to go and eat off the beaten path. He is a food whore. Tell him you want to do more than just touristy things, and he will hook you up! You guys will LOVE him.

    You wake up each morning, and know when breakfast is about to be served when Dave starts playing the piano in the sitting room. One morning we woke to rain, and he was playing “Stormy Weather.”

    St. Augustine, itself, is just amazing. Truly amazing. 500 years of history, but also lots of funky vibes!

    Sorry. You asked! 🙂

  5. Taos, New Mexico

    Taos, New Mexico

    stayed here

    Owners were a lot of fun

    You can get lost. North of Santa Fe

  6. I have a friend who is a cruise agent and she just got us an amazing deal on a cruise. We leave in 2 weeks for 4 nights/5 days in the bahamas … no kids! Our first one in 5 years. I’d say we are over due! 🙂 IF you want her e-mail address just let me know

  7. hopefullyhopeful

    My hubby and I had limited funds when we got married so we went and stayed at a b&b just outside of downtown San Antonio, it was beautiful and a lot of fun (we went to sea world too, it was cool I had never been). It was amazingly quite and secluded for being within walking distance of the most awesome smoothie shop and everything downtown.

    Also, I 2nd Fredricksburg too, as leslie said, we spent a night at a b&b there and walked around the shops and did a wine tasting, the b&b we stayed at wasn’t great, but the town itself was beautiful and mellow.

  8. gregg and i went on cruise last year about this time and it was pretty affordable as far as vacations go. we discovered that we aren’t really cruise people BUT it is an awesome way to really get away and just have time with each other. you have endless downtime to read, hang out, swim, tan, etc. i think we had the most fun just hanging out with only each other for a week with no email/phone calls to get in the way.

    also, gregg is from st. augustine florida (well jacksonville with is 30 mins away from there) and that is also a cool place as the person above mentioned. lots of shopping, eating and of course the beach.

  9. I’ve never commented on your blog before, but love reading it! My husband and I volunteered at Haiti Children’s Home this past summer for a week and are starting the adoption process. We’re still getting our dossier together…but we’re getting there! I actually might have a few questions for you as we try and tie up the loose ends…

    As far as getting away, we used to live in Dallas and took a couple of weekend trips south. We loved Fredericksburg (we stayed here and I LOVE San Antonio. I’d love to go back someday! Next year is our 10 year anniversary and I would definitely consider revisiting both…the years we lived in TX were some of our best!!! We’re in NY now, but if we didn’t have family here, I seriously think we’d still be in Dallas. I so miss the mexican food!!! And the warmth…

  10. We love to get away to Anna Maria Florida
    It is on an island and there isn’t a lot to do but relax and be together. There are no fast food places but there is an awesome beach side restaurant called The Sandbar that we love to go watch the sunset and have dinner. We spend lots of time watching the water or walking the beaches. My husband loves to get up early and sit on the pier and watch dolphins swim by or go out to the pier at night and watch the fishermen fish and hope to catch a glimpse of manatee. There are a couple of hotels but most of the places to stay are rental properties such as these There isn’t a lot of places to go in Anna Maria but if you can take the trolley that runs the island and explore other places on the island. If you want more social life or things to do you can leave the island and go to Bradenton or Sarasota for more options. We always have the best time just relaxing and being together. I wish we could go again soon. Thanks for the inspiration might have to see if I can rustle up a babysitter and head for the island.

  11. Curtis and I went to El Dorado Royale in the Mexican Mayan Rivera a year and a half ago. We had the best time. You can see our pics here:
    I hope you’re able to get away soon!

  12. Conn and I have been blessed to get away to some amazing places. We loved the El Dorado Royale (pictures on my blog and facebook), small cozy cabins at Garner State Park near Uvalde, Fredricksburg, cruises out of Galveston, and just some random places here and there. Oh…our family has a cabin in Riverside, TX (right by Trinity) that has a great cabin on hundreds of acres of land. There is literally nothing to do, but a wonderful place to get away to watch movies and just be together. Oh, and it is free. 🙂 Seriously…let me know if you would ever be interested.

  13. Jamie-

    Hey, my mom is a travel agent if you need someone to find you some deals (if there is any out there!) On fav spots…I lived in Fredericksburg for a year so if you need a contact there, let me know…it is WONDERFUL esp if you like window shopping and wine and great food….and its close to home an hour and 15 mins away!

    If you want something farther, we went on a cruise out of galveston…and it was the BEST cruise ever…weve been on three more, and nothing compares to that one….but royal caribbean is the best cruise line if you pick that….

    My mom has been to lots of place and knows places, so i can ask her what she thinks….praying for you and aaron! What a great testimony of commitment!

  14. Last year Jarrod and I stayed in a cabin in the mountains in Gatlinburg. It was beautiful and so realaxing. Of course, it might not be worth the trip from Texas 🙂

  15. A cruise! That is what we would do! To anywhere!
    You can get a 4 night cruise for 299 a person out of Galveston. What is great is you don’t have to plan anything. Show up and eat all you want and do whatever you want to do. We’ve always done the cheap cruises… older ships etc. One day we’ll do a nice ship but it’s the best bang for your buck!

  16. Now our favorite get away is St. Augustine. We stay at the Grande Villas at World Golf Village.

    When we lived in Texas we used to do a lot of last minute travel deals in the Los Collinas area. Usually found them on Hot Wire or Travelocity.

    If you need travel help on my blog I have a link to a travel site that donates all profits to support mission trips for teens and buy textbooks for collage students.

    If you want to go to Big Cedar might be able to tell you how to get a good deal there.

  17. Here are some websites to check out if y’all ever wanted to go to some cabins on the Frio River in The Hill Country (by Garner). This is who we have always rented from. Even if you and Aaron didn’t go for the little getaway, it is a wonderful place to take the family. Your boys would love it. We have gone almost every summer since I was in 8th grade.

  18. Favorite place? Somewhere alone… clean… cozy… and quiet.
    Especially if no one else knows where we are!

    I hope you get that time soon, Jamie.

  19. umm….Chicago!!

    hello! best place ever!

  20. Far away: Cabo, Mexico because we used to have a free place to stay there!

    Close: Fredericksburg–there is the nicest little B&B with cottages–if you want to get away from it all, this is the place!

  21. Aside from Austin, we do love Cabo, New York City, Miami, and any place in Hawaii. Also, San Diego is an awesome city!

  22. Harrison Hot Springs in BC, Canada.
    Breathtaking, relaxing, romantic, relaxing, relaxing. LOL

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