update on stroller

I HAVE A STROLLER!  Someone here locally has one that they hardly ever used and they’re giving it to Fedna and her parents!  Yippee!!!  Thanks to those of you that contacted me about getting me one!

Today I walked over to Fedna as she lay on the couch and kissed her and she looked at me and said “i love you mommy”.  It melted my heart!

****She does call me mommy, but she doesn’t think I’m her mommy for real.  We look at pictures daily of her mamma and papa in Haiti.  She calls me mommy b/c that’s what she hears the boys call me.  What else would she call me?  It freaked me out at first but then I realized she is just repeating what she hears the boys call me.


3 responses to “update on stroller

  1. Jamie, That just melts my heart!!

  2. Jamie- I recently had some shoes and clothing given to me for our little girl, majority with the tags still on them!!!! What size clothing is Fedna in? Would she benefit from flip-flops or could someone at the RC use them? I have 4 or 5 brand new pairs that my 2yr old with GIANT feet can’t wear. I would be glad to mail them to you for Fedna or your trip. Are you only looking for dresses for her to take back to Haiti with her? Just let me know if you need them and where to mail them to. Our email is ffox240@yahoo.com. Thanks Angie

  3. SO sweet Jaime!

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