hospital pictures

Here are some pictures of while Fedna was in the hospital.  Since she has jammies on this was after her follie (however you spell that) and drains had been removed.  It just felt good to put clothes on!!



You can see she likes to stick her tongue out when we take pictures!!!

While we were in the hospital I ordered Fedna corn nuggets EVERY single day, and sometimes twice a day!  She didn’t like them very well, but I loved them!!!  Oh my word they were sweet goodness.  I miss those corn nuggets.



3 responses to “hospital pictures

  1. If you need a fix and you have one close by- Chicken Express makes great ones. It is not in the “healthy” category by a long shot, though!

  2. You are so funny. I love those Fedna pics. She looks SO happy.

  3. Haven’t been on your blog in a while… are making me smile!!!
    Still waiting patiently( sort of:) with you to welcome home sweet A and S!!!!!

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