stroller for Fedna & airline $

3 weeks from tomorrow we’ll be heading to Haiti.  One thing that we plan on taking back to Haiti with us is Miss Fedna!  I know her momma will be so happy to see her smiling face!!!  The doctors haven’t given me the green light yet for her to go home, but they all know the plan to take her back then.   🙂  We’ll know much more next Thursday when we go back to see the doc that just did this past surgery.

Every day I think about how unprepared I am to send her back.  I have big dreams of collecting stuff for her family and loading up two big suitcases for her family.  I still plan on getting stuff together, it just may be a bit more last minute than I planned.  🙂  That’s usually how I work though so not sure why I’m surprised about this.

Right now I do know of two needs that we want to let you know about for getting Fedna back home.  If you can help out with either that would rock!  I’ll be getting more needs together soon for those of you that don’t feel led to either one of these needs.

#1  I would love to send Fedna home with some sort of jog stroller.  Obviously there aren’t a lot of paved roads there where she lives, so a sturdy stroller with big wheels could be of use to her family.  This does NOT need to be brand new.  I don’t want to send her home with a piece of trash stroller that is falling apart, but if you are upgrading or what and have a single jog stroller that you would want to donate we would love to take it back with her.


#2  We need some funds donated to RHFH to cover what they are spending to get her back home.  We’re praying that AA comes through with some free miles, but we are also flying another airline to get there as well.  So, if you would like to donate to her travel fund please go to Licia’s blog and click on the paypal button and designate the money to “fedna’s travel fund”.  There is also a physical address listed there if you would like to send a check.  Just include a note that designates it to “fedna’s travel fund”.

Thanks guys.  In the next few weeks I will be posting TONS of needs for our trip, Fedna, the RC, the Livesay’s and whatever else comes up!  Please know that I don’t expect anything from anyone that reads this.  People will give where God leads them to give.  I read about needs sometime that don’t tug on my heart and then I read some that tug so hard I am led to give.  I will be obedient to list needs and pray that we get all we need to take with us to Haiti.  God has ALWAYS provided above and beyond for each trip I’ve ever been on so I have no doubt he will this one as well!


2 responses to “stroller for Fedna & airline $

  1. watchingthewaters

    J, I have a single jog stroller that we has not been used much that we have outgrown. Let me see if I can figure out how to fold it up and I’ll work on getting it in the mail to you. Corey

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