baby wearing

Anyone out there know how to make baby slings?  We’re trying to find a pattern that someone can send us for free to take down with us to Real Hope for Haiti.  They have a sewing class and Lori thinks this would be beneficial for the ladies to learn how to make these.

If so, you an email me for more information:  jamie(@)aaronivey(dot)com


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  1. here is a website – – you may want to send to the sewing group and see if it makes sense to them – i don’t sew. it says it does best with a cotton-lycra blend – if you want some material to take with you – let me know.

  2. If you have an old one, you can always take it apart and trace it onto butcher paper (or brown paper bags-whatever is handy) and make your pattern from that.

  3. the question is what kind are you trying to make? If they use a moby wrap type and wrap their babies- all you need is good quality interlock cotton material that is 4-5 yards long and about 18in tall. it’s just a really long rectangle and you can do almost any kind of carry w/ it from newborn to toddler. That is the easiest and actually most used kind in other countries. All you would need to do is stitch edges. However if they are wanting like a pouch sling or something else- I’m sure you could look up “WAHM (work at home moms) baby slings” and find patterns. Many moms make slings and some show how to make your own…. shows tons of different lengths of cloth and how you can use and make each kind of wrap…hope that helps

  4. That is such a great idea for a sewing school!

  5. I saw this link on one of the blogs I read regularly…and thought of you. I don’t know if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe it will help. It is a post about how to make a sling out of sweat pants. You can either do it no-sew by tying the pieces together. But I think it looks nicer and more comfortable in the picture where they sewed it. It’s so inexpensive…just the cost of a cheapy pair of sweatpants.

  6. My absolute favorite sling is just the basic Maya Wrap ring sling – because they are so easy to make and great for infants-toddlers. Here’s a pattern:

    And here is a site that sells sling rings and also has some links to other patterns:


  7. Hey! Just catching up and found this post. I’ve made the Karma baby sling suggested above and liked it very much. In fact my husband wore our daughter in it more than I did when she was itty bitty. Now that she’s a year old, if I carry her I can do it around my back. When I take her out here in Haiti all the women around me comment on it (“you have your baby in a sack!” and “they do that in Africa!”). They all get excited to see me carrying her and that my hands are still free. It’s an easy sling to make, you only need fabric and thread. The directions can be a little confusing but you can tell Lori and Licia to get in touch with me and I can give them an easier explanation if they want to use this one.

  8. i just recovered my baby bjorn (will post later this week on it) for our ET adoption-we hope to travel this year. cool blog, i’ll have to go peruse it now!

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