We’re home!

Today is a good day because as I type this I’m sitting in my favorite chair with my feet propped up and my heating pad going.  I’m home.  It feels so good to be home.  There really is no place like home.  We left the hospital today around 3:30 and I ran home to drop off all of our stuff so that I could go get my boys from the Peck’s house.  It was good to get them.  I miss them.  Even though when they saw me they acted like they could care less about me, i know deep down they missed me and need me!  It felt good to read to them tonight.  We’re reading Charlotte’s Web together now.

I’m glad to be out of the hospital.  Just to have my own bed, my own shower and my own food is enough to make me happy.  The bad thing about us being out of the hospital is that Fedna is no longer confined to a bed.  This is hard for her.  She wants to get down and go with the boys.

In the few hours we’ve been home tonight she has wanted so badly to get off the couch.  I caught her many of times trying to sit up and had to tell her she had to lay down.  She only got really mad at me one time.  I mean can you blame her.  The bad thing is that this is only day #1 of doing this at home and it was only a half day.  We have 8.5 more to go of her not being able to crawl or sit up.  Oh my goodness I might loose my mind!!!  The TV will be our biggest friend these next 8 days.  🙂

If you have any amazing suggestions for keeping her down on her belly let me know!  We’re up for anything.  Right now she’s in bed on her belly and I think she’s mad at me.  She’s gotten used to watching tv with me at night while we fall asleep in the hospital room, and now it’s back to real world.  She’s wondering where our TLC shows are tonight??!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE that has helped us during this hospital stay.  We could not do this without lots of help from others!

Here are a few people I’ll be missing now that I’m back at home:





As you can tell we don’t have cable at home and I’m easily sucked into any kind of family “reality” show!  Thank goodness we don’t have cable or I would spend hours with these people above.  The TLC shows are much more wholesome as compared to the shows on Bravo.  I would just watch the housewives and Kardashian sisters and be sick to my stomach wishing I could take them all to Haiti with me in 3 weeks to get a glimpse of the REAL world that most people live in.  UGH.  I would be so mad after each episode but so sucked in that I was craving more.  Someone is doing their job in producing these shows!

Well in about an hour Aaron will be done with record stuff and he’ll come join me on the couch and we’ll enjoy a nice glass of wine and take in all the craziness of LOST.  Hope your night was fabulous.


5 responses to “We’re home!

  1. O My gosh I love 17 kids and counting! The duggards are awesome! and I absolutely love their lifestyle! now, if your going to raise 17, no, 18 kids, that is the way to do it!

  2. I cracked up at the “people you will be missing”!!! We don’t have cable either and are still living too. Amazing, right??? It is funny, with the new D-TV, we will get more stations with the box and antenna, then what we have now…

  3. i love The Real Housewives…i know it’s trashy…but addicting.

  4. I’m so w/ you on the housewives. I try to keep it a secret from Ben 🙂

  5. Oh I forgot to say we love John and Kate- Ben gets more excited about it than I do

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