1 friend that just found out she’s pregnant!  I’m not telling!
2 birthday parties Cayden has missed since Fedna’s been here
3 people I miss very much these days
4 weeks until St. Patrick’s day
5 days until Aaron goes skiing – lucky guy!
6 weeks Fedna has been here
7 years of marriage for Aaron and I!
8 people going to Haiti next month, including me
9 the grade when I had my first kiss
10 days until the kids and I go to see Amy, Jack & Mabry
11 the day Deacon was born
12 the number of books I want to read this year
13 days we’ve been in the hospital since Jan
14 different people that have brought me food during hospital stays
15 months Story turns this month
16 days until Mel gets here!
17 months since we started adoption paperwork for Amos and Story
18 months Aaron and I dated before we got married
19 years until I turn fifty.
20 how old I was when I moved BACK home
21 of March – Aaron plays at SXSW
22 the day of our anniversary
23 how old I was when I got engaged
24 the day that Story was born
25 years old when I had Cayden
26 day Amos was born
27 days since we entered MOI
28 days until I see Amos & story


2 responses to “1-28

  1. Jaime,

    I was really not planning on making that public for a while. . .Jimmie does not even know yet.

    Let the explaining begin. . .

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