one more night.

One thing I’ve learned while in the hospital is to not get your hopes up.  When they tell you a day that you’ll probably leave go ahead and add a day or two to that date and that will be more accurate.

It’s not their fault.  It’s not like they want to give you false hopes, it is just that stuff comes up.  Last time I wasn’t prepared and was devastated when we didn’t leave when I had been told we would leave.  This time I’m very prepared.

I was told after the surgery that we would be here until at least Tuesday and possibly until Thursday or Friday.  I was prepared for the worst.  I have my kids taken care of until Sunday, so I planned way ahead!  Today there was rumor that I could go home today or tomorrow.  Then I was told it would be today!  I was so excited but also knew that at any moment things could change.

And change they did.  Fedna got three vaccines today and needs three more and they are scheduled for tomorrow.  So, we’re here for one more night and will go home tomorrow after the shots.  Honestly I wasn’t upset.  I was prepared for staying another night.  My kids are taken care of and all is good.

Good things about staying here one more night

  • My kids are taken care of – thanks Peck’s!
  • Tonight is season finale of Orange County Housewives and I’ll get to see it!
  • One more night/day of Fedna to have to lay still and have no distraction of wanting to get up (found out today she can’t sit, crawl, get on her back until next Thursday)
  • TLC shows tonight look good – can you tell we don’t have cable at home!

Bad things about staying here one more night:

  • The bed.
  • Still no internet up here.
  • One more night of me not being the one to tuck my kids in at night.

So there we are the good and the bad.  In all seriousness I don’t mind staying up here if it means the best for Fedna.  We want her well soon and to get all the help she needs to get better.  I’m still planning on taking her back to Haiti with me in March, so we need her healthy!

Thanks Leslie & Kevin for loving on my kids tonight.


2 responses to “one more night.

  1. The TV viewing habits of the Ivey’s continues to challenge me on why exactly we are friends….Orange County Housewife’s?

    Seriously, praying that you and Fedna get to go home, AND STAY HOME, soon!

  2. I was so hoping to see that you were home by now. Prayers you are out tomorrow. Hang in there- enjoy that TV. Thats so weird about the internet- you should have gotten Sunny on that.
    Hugs all.

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