update on weekend.

Don’t have much time so I’ll try my best to hit all the good stuff:

  • i have no internet at the hospital.  you have no idea how difficult this is.  ugh!  no email.
  • fedna is doing great.  still on her belly today.
  • dr will come by in the AM tomorrow and hopefully tell us she can begin sitting up and possibly take out drains
  • pray for good healing on her back.  we’ll be in the hospital at least until Tuesday.  pray that we go home Wed!
  • got to come home tonight for a bit.  Thanks todd & patsy!  when i come home all i want to do is laundry and dishes.  weird, i know.  but when i’m at the hospital i feel helpless and useless like i do nothing all day long.  🙂
  • i miss my boys.   i saw them last night but not today.  they are already at sharla’s when i got to come home.
  • had lots to write, but instead did laundry and aaron took a break to take me to chuy’s for a quick meal!  love that guy!
  • just showered and am about to head back up there with a few more clean clothes!
  • my kids are taken care of this week.  thanks to everyone that is helping!
  • i had the BEST nurse this weekend.  Gayle was amazing!

3 responses to “update on weekend.

  1. Praying for Fedna and your awesome family.

    You are making a difference in that little girls life. So cool.

  2. praying for you!!! Her momma put her into great hands!!!

  3. Saw Crocs tonight at Wal-mart and thought of Fenda. 🙂

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