we’re back at the hospital again.

This morning I left the house for the hospital with Fedna for a small little surgery and expected to be back at my house tonight enjoying a glass of wine and watching a movie while resting on my own couch.  Instead I’m in a room at the hospital enjoying their ice (it’s like Sonic!!!), free magazines, cable tv and a not so comfy chair!

When they got in there for the surgery it was a little more extensive then they thought.  They were able to get all the rest of the bump off her back and so that is a very good thing.  But they found a little infection in there and it wasn’t healing well.  They said they closed it up very well this time, so hopefully it will be good to go.

So we’re back up at the hospital getting reacquainted with all of our old nurse friends!  They all were shocked to see my face checking into a room!  Fedna is sleeping away and so far so good.  She has slept a lot so far and so I’m hoping she sleeps well this first night!  She has to be on her belly again for 3 days and then off her back for a week.  I know we’ll be here until at least Tuesday and possibly for a whole week.  UGH!

When I heard that we had to stay tonight and possibly for a week I know my face had to go white when the doctor told me that.  I had no clue.  I had no bag.  I had a house that needed to be picked up to go back to.  I had a lazy day planned at home with just Fedna and I since the boys are camping.  I have a meeting at my house on Sunday night.  Aaron has a slammed week and leaves Thursday for a week.  Not a good time.

BUT I had a long talk with God on the way back to the hospital from getting my bags and he reminded me that this is not about me.  Helping someone is not always easy for yourself.  Helping someone and giving them your time and attention isn’t always on your schedule.  I can put my wants and needs aside for one more week so that Fedna can get better and once again I can keep my promise to her momma – to take care of her just as if she were my own child.

I put together a little list of good vs. bad ……

Bad things about being back in the hospital:

the bed

the shower

the view (my other room was better)

missing my home.

away from my boys

away from Aaron

trying to arrange care for them while i’m here

Good things about me being here:

read more

watch all the good stuff on cable

won’t spend much gas $ this week

don’t have to buy diapers or wipes this week

So … I’m here.  Until … who knows?


2 responses to “we’re back at the hospital again.

  1. Praying for you my friend!

  2. Please, Please call if there is anything I can do. I’m only 5m from the hospital and am happy to come sit with Fedna if you need to go home for a bit. I’ll butcher some more French for her so she can laugh at me. 🙂

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