night #1 this time around.

i’m about to go to bed.  fedna is drifting off to sleep, so this is my cue to go now before she thinks she wants to be awake for the night.

last time we were in the hospital we had some long nights b/c she would just want me touching her.  somehow she just wanted to feel that i was there with her.  i worked that out by actually sleeping in her bed.  it helped us both sleep.  this time she’s in more of a crib type bed.  no room for momma jamie to climb in there!  pray for sleep and pray she senses my touch even when i’m not close to her.  also pray that she (and I!) sleep through the nurses coming in every four hours. 🙂

thanks to my sweet friend Maris who brought me lunch today in the waiting area and a sweet treat tonight.  her and bush even stuck around so i could shower and not leave fedna alone. thanks guys!


4 responses to “night #1 this time around.

  1. Thinking of you Jaim and sending encouragement and hugs 🙂

  2. We will pray 😉
    You can also ask them to give her bigger bed. I had to do that when our daughter was younger and she won’t sleep in it.

  3. Sarah told me about what happened…sorry to hear about the unexpected plans. I hope Fedna heals quickly and things fall into place with your family. It is no fun to be in the hospital, again!
    Take care!

  4. praying for you both.

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